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In business, you’re losing ground if you are simply executing transactions and not cultivating relationships. You have to be about more than the sale, service or product. You have to be about the relationships that will determine your success. So what’s the difference between being transactional and being relational? Here are the behaviors associated with … Continued

boosting productivity at the beach

Summer is the season when we tend to slow down and maybe even coast a bit. It’s vacation time and your mind can easily drift to the beach. Those looming projects and deadlines can seem less important. Summer can be the season of procrastinating and letting time slip by almost unnoticed. It can become easy … Continued

Speaker making presentation

It’s no secret that some of the most enduring, captivating presentations are made on the TED platform. So if you need to get your point across in a presentation, and make your audience care, you need to study what makes millions of people watch TED’s most compelling talks. I read a fascinating book that breaks … Continued