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Author: Melissa

Here’s How To Boost Your Summer Productivity Now

Summer is the season when we tend to slow down and maybe even coast a bit. It’s vacation time and your mind can easily drift to the beach. Those looming projects and deadlines can seem less important. Summer can be the season of procrastinating and letting time slip by almost unnoticed. It can become easy […]

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Present like TED: 8 Secrets to Make Your Ideas Worth Spreading

It’s no secret that some of the most enduring, captivating presentations are made on the TED platform. So if you need to get your point across in a presentation, and make your audience care, you need to study what makes millions of people watch TED’s most compelling talks. I read a fascinating book that breaks […]

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7 Ways to Get Over Your Fear of Failure

When we talk about fearlessness, the main obstacle is the fear of failure. If we can get over our fear of failure, I believe anything is possible. And you can get over your fear of failure by building a game plan for resilience! Here are seven ways that work. 1. Chase percentages, not perfection. People […]

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How Fearless Leaders Cultivate Curiosity

The top business leaders are fueled by curiosity. They are lifelong learners who use curiosity to build confidence—their own, and their team’s. These people become stronger leaders by consistently feeding their curiosity. Curiosity is one of the main traits “that drive people who seem to cut through the clutter and wind up with more opportunities […]

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9 Tips for Crushing Your Internship

Now that you’ve landed your internship, you don’t have much time to get the most out of it. You need to establish a great attitude, work ethic and curiosity—especially if you want to extend this opportunity into a full-time job. Here are my best tips for crushing your internship. This advice comes from my years […]

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5 Mistakes New Leaders Make

Great leaders rarely begin that way. And becoming one isn’t about magic or luck. In my decades of working with sports and business leaders, I have seen how you can move toward great leadership by avoiding these 5 common mistakes—especially if you’re new at this. 1. Have all the answers. When Arthur Blank bought the […]

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