Spend about an hour a month in our virtual group coaching “huddles” and recharge your purpose, energy and mindset.

Join Molly Fletcher's Game Changer Leadership Huddles

Each month you’ll join Molly Fletcher and a huddle of peers for a specifically chosen relevant personal development topic, safe-space conversations, and sharing of best practices. The huddles are presented live with opportunities for feedback and interaction – our guess is it will be the most impactful 57 minutes you spend every month

Right now may be the perfect time to reimagine how you approach everything.

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What to expect from the Monthly Coaching Huddles

Each month you’ll discover the tools you need to unleash your potential – no matter where you are in your leadership journey.

The huddles are presented live with opportunities for feedback and interaction – our guess is it will be the most impactful 57 minutes you spend every month.

Each session is also recorded so if you can’t make the live event, want to go back and re-watch your session or want to binge watch multiple previous sessions you’re good to go – we’ve created a portal just for you

5 mindset shifts you can expect to experience

Sample a snippet of a huddle below

A word from Molly Fletcher

As president of client representation for sports and entertainment agency CSE, I spent two decades as one of the world’s only female sports agents. I was hailed as the “female Jerry Maguire” by CNN as I recruited and represented hundreds of sport’s biggest names, including Hall of Fame pitcher John Smoltz, PGA TOUR golfer Matt Kuchar, broadcaster Erin Andrews, and basketball championship coaches Tom Izzo and Doc Rivers.

But, I also saw firsthand that “winning” isn’t unleashing your potential; that’s a lie. That’s simply achieving - and achieving isn’t enough. Unleashing your potential is finding your purpose and threading your every decision through it.

That's what I want for you - that's the promise of the practice of huddles.

Together let’s reimagine how the game is played.

What others are saying about the huddle approach

“Molly has a way of holding us accountable for our lives and at the same time her approach is gentle and inspiring.  She is incredibly relatable and feel that her talks not only have substance but action plans that we can implement after we leave our time with her.” Meredith Leapley, CEO & Founder of Leapley Construction; CREW Atlanta Board Member

“I’ve always shared Molly’s motivational messages with my team. Now that I’ve joined the Huddles, I not only have time with Molly to get more in depth on topics, but I have a whole network of others to share, collaborate and connect with. It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, you will gain insight and skills that are invaluable for work and personal life.”

Jenn G.

“Game Changer Huddles became our go-to source of inspiration. . . From the Huddles, our team learned how to build relationships – by being authentic, by being curious. We got constant reminders to stand strong in the face of adversity – learned how to balance our energy.”

Rob Danna,
SVP of Sales & Marketing at ITA Group

“Being a part of the Huddles has been extremely valuable! The monthly Huddle topics are spot-on. It’s helping me change my mindset and work on bettering myself each day.” 

Lisa B.

Sample Huddle Modules

Mindset Reset: How to strengthen your mental game

Often what you think is a performance problem is actually a mindset problem. Strengthening your mindset requires training just like a physical skill. Every day, we have thousands of thoughts and emotions—and most of them are automated. Learn how to cultivate positive self-talk and shift to a growth mindset and unlock your potential.

Navigating Change & Uncertainty: How to make change happen for you (not to you)

How can you thrive during change and not just survive? Today’s fast-paced world requires us to navigate and adapt to change more than ever. Most people fear change because it involves loss. But growth doesn’t happen without change. Learn the five stages of change and discover how to make change happen for you.

Building Resilience: How to manage stress and recover from adversity faster

Resilience shrinks the gap between talent and success. Top performers recover faster from adversity and find the hidden gifts in failure. Learn strategies to better manage stress and face challenges with courage and optimism.

Embracing Difficult Conversations: How to have healthy conflict at work

Have you noticed how often most people avoid difficult conversations? Conversation is literally a lost art, and at the root of that avoidance is fear. When you instead lean into tough conversations with courage, you actually have the opportunity to strengthen the relationship. This simple framework will help you navigate even the most difficult conversations.

Leading with Empathy: How to transform your leadership approach and become a self-aware leader

Empathy is a critical leadership critical. It allows us to make connections with others and understand their experience, needs and emotions. Empathy broadens our perspective and enables us to connect with people in a meaningful way, which in turn enhances our leadership ability. Without it, there is no trust, personal growth or collaboration.

Managing Your Energy: How to avoid energy drains and focus on what matters most

Managing your energy is essential to performance. But too many people fail to realize who and what they give their energy to and why. As a result, they feel exhausted and burned out, with no energy for what matters most. Yet they know they are capable of something better. Discover how to align your energy with the important so that you can achieve freedom, flow and focus.

Let’s recap

Here’s what’s included in the Leadership Huddle Program:


Monthly live Huddle session conducted via Zoom video conference


Module worksheets that allow you to clarify your thinking with each live session


Growing archive of Huddles available 24/7 to view at your convenience


Private Facebook group for further exploration of topics with other participants

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