The 7 Mindset Shifts You Must Adopt to Reimagine Your Role as a Leader Today

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Explore the 7 Mindset Shifts

One of the biggest challenges leaders face is ego. Egos can get in the way—especially for people in leadership positions or those who are striving to be in one.

Every person has a specific set of rules they unconsciously judge themselves against. When you measure up, you feel proud and accomplished. When you don’t, it’s uncomfortable, it’s embarrassing, you feel pressure, or even fear.

When you get wrapped up in your own self-image and self-worth, you’re standing in the way of your own success.

As Ryan Holiday says in his book, Ego is the Enemy
“Ego impedes learning and the cultivation of talent. With success, it can blind us to our faults and sow future problems. In failure, it magnifies each blow and makes recovery more difficult,” Holidays writes. “At every stage, ego holds us back.”

Get a free set of exercises
and go to work on all 7 shifts

So how do you stop letting your ego get in the way of you reaching your highest potential? Start practicing these 7 mindset principles. Adopting these principles will help you get in the right frame of mind to begin cultivating a healthy leadership ego:

Don’t believe the hype.

Social media, reality TV, and other self-promotions make us believe we are more important than we are. They present a reality that just doesn’t exist with everything filtered to create a perfect image. The best leaders acknowledge their weaknesses and work to close the gaps. They recognize “it’s not about me.” It’s about the people you lead and the customers you serve.


Get uncomfortable.

Do you know that “pit in your stomach” feeling you sometimes get when you’re about to do something important? It’s called discomfort and it’s the space where leaders live. Great leaders stretch beyond their comfort zone because they recognize that’s where growth happens.


Prioritize what matters.

What’s most important? Leaders have tremendous clarity around what matters most and ensure alignment between priorities and where they put their energy. Without this clarity, you’re likely to find yourself wildly off track.


Learn from others.

Leadership can be lonely if you aren’t looking to learn from others. The best leaders dare to be open to what they do not know. Real leaders are fueled by curiosity. They are lifelong learners who use curiosity to build confidence—their own, and their team’s.


Remind yourself of what’s beyond yourself. 

You are more powerful than you think. You can make more of an impact than ever before. But it’s up to you to actually do something with that power. Start by crafting your own purpose statement.

Own your ownership.

Sometimes the problems are things you did. Sometimes it’s what you didn’t do. When your team falls short, ask: what didn’t you do to prepare them?


Value pushback. 

As a leader, I want my people to tell me how they feel and know that I will really listen. It’s easy to get comfortable with the feedback you want to hear; make sure you have people who give you the feedback you need to hear. That’s how you get better. Find people like this and keep them near.

Get a free set of exercises
and go to work on all 7 shifts​

If you want to be a great leader, your ego needs to be in check. And that starts with shifting your mindset and your way of thinking—living by these 7 mindset principles will put you on the right path.

Then, you’ve got to walk the walk. And that starts with shifting your behaviors and habits. Habits hold an incredible power. And creating the right ones will set you up for success. Align your behaviors with those of a fearless leader, and there’s no doubt you’ll be unstoppable.