Fearless Leader II w/ Certified Coach - Molly Fletcher Fearless Leader II w/ Certified Coach - Molly Fletcher

Fearless Leader II w/ Certified Coach


(3) 60-minute sessions by phone with a Molly Fletcher certified coach: together we focus on finding your unique traits as a leader, empowering you with innovative techniques for managing relationships, identifying blind spots and creating sustainable execution… see below for more details.



Includes (3) 60-minute sessions via phone. Requires 2 hours of self-work for each session, 1-hour pre-session and post-session.

Session I: Optimizing Your Genius

Together we identify your unique genius and the blind spots that are limiting your leadership. We gain clarity on your optimal performance level by building your optimal fearless matrix. We develop a game plan to target 20 relationships that could positively impact your business and enhance your leadership in the next six months. Includes a personality test and top fearless KPIs.

Session II: Invest and Energize

Together we build priorities and enhance focus, working off the 80/20 fearless matrix. We reflect and gain clarity on highest value activities so you can execute for optimal performance. We remove clutter be it mental, emotional or relational clutter so we can lock in on optimal. Includes pre and post work with the fearless matrix.

Session III: Execution and Sustainability

Together we will document your KPIs in each aspect of your life. We will focus on what real life implementation truly looks like i.e. how some of the techniques worked, any roadblocks encountered, expected responses, etc. Includes updating fearless KPIs and tips on sustainability.