Fearless Self II w/ Certified Coach - Molly Fletcher Fearless Self II w/ Certified Coach - Molly Fletcher

Fearless Self II w/ Certified Coach


(3) 60-minute sessions by phone with a Molly Fletcher certified coach: together we touch on self-curiosity, gap analysis, and  complete the Fearless Living Matrix in each aspects of your life, while learning energy management tips and streamlined Fearless Goal Setting… see below for more details.



Includes (3) 60-minute sessions on phone. Requires 2 hours of self-work for each session, 1-hour pre-session and post-session.

Session I: Self-Curiosity and Gap Analysis

Together we discover the gaps and the blockers to being your optimal self. We gain clarity on what is holding you back, your role in it and start to build clarity on how to close the gap to your greatest self. We discover what is essential and what isn’t. Includes a personality test and top fearless goal setting with the road map for execution.

Session II: Fearless Living Matrix

Together we get clear on your Fearless Living Matrix in each role of your life. Set boundaries to ensure energy maximization for yourself and those you love most. Includes energy management game plan and your optimal fearless matrix.

Session III: Fearless KPIs

Together we will document your KPIs in each aspect of your life. We will focus on what real life implementation truly looks like i.e. what you must do or change daily, weekly, monthly to truly become your fearless self. Includes documenting KPIs and tactical “to-dos” to get there.