Relationships: The Core of Recruiting

Last week I had the honor of presenting as part of the first Recruiter Summit presented by Gild. If you haven’t heard about Gild, check out this cool article in the New York Times. The idea behind the conference was to help recruiters transform their business by re-thinking how they recruit top talent. With so much social data available and technology that can aggregate and sort talent, there is no longer an issue finding top talent. But many recruiters, for a variety of reasons, have lost focus on the relationships that are at the core of recruiting.

Building Relationships

The ability to successfully build authentic relationships is essential to recruiting. To build relationships you have to develop trust and the best way to do that is through consistency and transparency. If you are only trying to form a relationship when you need to fill a position, it’s already too late. Recruiting takes time, energy and investment in the other person. The other aspect of the relationship building process is the ability to discover the other person’s needs so you can determine whether or not you can add value. The best way to do that is by asking thoughtful questions that give you full awareness and drive a deeper connection. Be relational and not transactional in your approach, and you will attract top talent.

Differentiating Yourself

Since recruiters often compete for the same talent, it’s important to understand how to differentiate yourself throughout the recruiting lifecycle process—from building your pipeline, to maintaining the relationship, to making an offer. As one of the only female sports agents, I had a pretty obvious differentiator. But gender was just one small aspect of how I differentiated myself. Differentiation is created through our behavior and our actions express our priorities. Consistent, honest, authentic behavior will differentiate you all day long. I challenge you to build authentic relationships while honing in on what differentiates you from everyone else. Play to those strengths and use these genuine relationships to successfully recruit top talent.

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