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Free book chapter: Molly reveals the Molly-Fletcher-Book-Cover7 key tips to transform any negotiation into a successful conversation 


Molly shares the 7 tips to transform any negotiation into a successful conversation. Enter your email address below to receive your free copy of Chapter 1: Setting the Stage. In this chapter you learn about 360 Degree Awareness and how it helps turn negotiations into successful conversations.

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Client Testimonials

“Negotiating well is indispensable to success. Molly will inspire you. Molly’s Negotiating strategies will change your life by changing your conversations.”

Donna Fiedorowicz
Senior Vice President of the PGA Tour

“Many assume strong negotiations are only conducted adversarially, nose-to-nose. Molly Fletcher demonstrates how a shoulder-to-shoulder approach, rooted in trust, giving, communication, and relationships drives ideal outcomes while building sustainable benefit and positive reputations.”

Kat Cole
Group President at FOCUS Brands

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