“Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.”    Harvard Business School Leadership Definition

Fearless leaders face everything and rise. They provide their teams the tools to support their growth while always investing in their own growth. A fearless leader has a servant mindset, humility nature and ethical drivers. They understand their role is to provide the vision and inspiration, while simultaneously getting out of the way.

Fearless leaders create fearless teams. Below are strategy sessions and workshops that connect team members, drive relational sales, customer loyalty and inspire authentic marketing and purpose driven cultures. We work to customize sessions for the specific needs of the companies and teams we engage with in our corporate leadership programs. Call or Email us to discuss a customized session for your team.

Leadership  Team – Personal Development

We are all good at taking care of the daily tasks and requirements of being leaders but we sometimes forget the most important aspect of leadership- providing inspiration to our leadership team. Gift your leadership team the opportunity to step away from the daily grind and create what all human beings need- time to focus on the integration of personal and professional life.  A deep dive into the key areas of their life and focusing on what is working and what is not working. The result is clarity, focus and improved performance. Session example:

  • Know Thy Self: Each team member completes a personality test prior to workshop. A full personality assessment is presented during session highlighting the innate strengths and weaknesses to better understand ourselves.
  • Fearless Living Matrix: Encouraging individuals to look at every aspect of their life and assess how they want to feel in each aspect, and focusing one their “why” and getting real with the key drivers in each area.  Team members identify gaps, incorporate more of what they love into their life and less of what they don’t want. Result is radical shift in life perspective.
  • Fearless Goals with Soul: Driving authentic goals that are based on true desires vs. inherited beliefs that many adopt unconsciously is empowering and liberating. Starting broad then focusing in on the Fearless Three for Three, three goals in three months. Results are team members have realistic and attainable tactical goals when they walk out the door.
  • Energy Management: Identification of key energy drainers, energy enhancers and building awareness of the different energy levels we bring to each unique interaction provides team members with the tactical tools to manage their energy as leaders in their professional life and in the roles they have in their personal lives.

Thriving thru Change

Change is part of our work lives more than ever. New CEO, merger or acquisition, layoffs, reorganizations, name changes…you name it and most of us have experienced it. Change happens and is an opportunity to redefine and thrive but it takes intentional strategy and communication to get everyone on board. Thriving thru Change sessions help you and your team not just embrace change but also actually thrive. Session example:

  • attThe Change: Discuss in depth the driver of the change and the current stage of the change. Create the fear list for leadership team and the employee base.
  • Fearless Shift: Identifying the opportunities this change provides. We can use this change to drive growth, streamline or connect with customers more deeply. Shift the fear list to the opportunity list.
  • Action Plan: Summarize the top initiatives to thrive through the change. Develop a key action plan that includes strategy, initiatives and actions for the next 60 days.

With over 20 years of sales and negotiation experience, we go deep with internal sales and client relations teams to drive results specific to the individual discipline. As always we customize sessions in order to have the greatest impact for a particular team.

  •      Sales Workshop – Relational, Urgency and Innovative
  •      Negotiation Workshop – It’s “We-gotiations”