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Achieving Optimal

Adapted from the Achieving Optimal live event, this course is designed to inspire, challenge and prepare serious leaders to achieve optimal results. Start on your pathway to peak performance.

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21 Days to Transform Your Business Relationships

No matter your job title, relationships are what drive your success. Transform your key business relationships in just 21 days with these strategies, proven to build connection and deliver results.

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Traits of the Best

From the arenas of pro sports to the boardrooms of major companies, a thin slice of peak performers dominates every field. What are the traits that are essential to success? Discover the behaviors that you can incorporate in your own life.

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Communication Styles That Get Results

Every interaction and relationship you have is shaped by communication. Break through the common barriers and become a more effective communicator with these six simple shifts.

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“Molly’s online learning courses have been phenomenal. The video e-courses have been game changing for personal and professional growth. Molly has a knack for delivering power-punched, innovative and unconventional tips that enhance leadership, communication and relationship skills. I highly recommend Molly’s learning expertise for everyone.”

-Hal Runkel, Author and Family Therapist

Molly’s content inspires, engages and applies to real life situations.  The feedback from our ITA member coaches on her courses has been phenomenal.  Coaches are busy and always want the “bottom line” and Molly provides it.   There’s no fluff.  The tools and tactics Molly teaches are exceptionally valuable to our coaches–I’d definitely recommend Molly’s courses for anyone who wants to invest in their leadership skills and personal growth!

-Erica Perkins Jasper, Sports Industry Leader

“Molly’s online learning courses are focused, educational, and extremely inspiring for anyone who wants to take their game to the next level.  Molly has a gift of taking the traits of the best and connecting the dots with everyone in your organization.”

-Chris Johnson, CEO and Professional Speaker

I loved taking Molly’s online learning courses! The content is entertaining, educational and inspiring. The courses have been a great resource for me and I would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their relationships, in business or in life.

-Sara Waterson, Environmental Engineer