How to reimagine your role as a leader so you can unleash your fullest potential

What if you were able to look back on this year and say, “2020 was tough, but it was the most transformative year of my life—for the better”? Constant, continuous growth holds so much power. And it’s the pathway for us to live with no regrets. We don’t get to do life twice. In this session, I’m sharing how you can reimagine what it means to lead and. to live at your fullest potential. You’re going to walk away being able to visualize a unique roadmap to peak performance and creative fulfillment. You’ll learn what it takes to reimagine your mindset and your role as a leader. 

How to Become an Energized Leaderar

Can we lead if we’re exhausted and drained? No. Can we do meaningful work if we’re distracted and unfocused?  No way. Many fail to realize who and what they give their energy to and why. And the result is, you feel exhausted and burnt out with no energy left to give to what matters most. But there’s a better way. Time management alone doesn’t work anymore. We have to effectively manage our energy that we bring to our time. Great results are not an accident. After struggling with this myself, I wanted to create a system to stop this from happening—so I wrote a book about it called “The Energized Leader”. In this session, I’m giving you the tools you need to develop the skill to set your energy clock. You’ll learn how to prioritize what matters most so you can live and lead with intention.


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