True success requires excelling as a team. There is no aspect of life – career, sports, and family – that is an individual effort. We all have to learn to work and excel within a team. Our team building programs are focused on creating and inspiring dream teams in the corporate and sports world.

Before a dream team can be created, they must share common goals and be inspired for success. Leaders must create aspiring key performance metrics, shared values and a culture that is centered around “why” we are together. We help leaders and teams solidify their unique “soul signature.” The brand, values and culture must all be aligned.

Then dream teams must learn from the best and adopt characteristics of high performance teams. Proven dream teams have certain characteristics in common. They focus outward on each other, not inward on self. They prepare individually and as a team, both physically and mentally. They communicate. They are committed. They trust each other. They don’t fear failure. They are mentally tough.

Molly and her team have run hundreds of corporate and sport team building sessions. With a toolbox of numerous strategies and exercises, each session is custom designed and tailored to the particular goals of the team. The results are empowered individuals connected through a shared vision, agreed upon rules of engagements and aligned individual commitments to the team. Let our clients tell you themselves.

There are critical stages in a team’s development that require outside perspective and guidance. Leading corporate and sports teams to peak performance is an ongoing challenge. There are moments in every team’s cycle that require a reset button, a wake up call or simply a deeper connection. This is where we specialize. Contact us for a customized session.

Corporate Team Building Session Examples:

Reward your team with a half day focused session on improving team dynamics and elevating individuals to their peak performance level. As a team, you learn traits of the best, individual personality differences, create aligned goals and manage relationships. Session example:

  • Photos from Executive Womens Day during the PGA Championship at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta, Ga., on Tuesday, September 18, 2012. (Photo by Daniel Shirey/PGA Tour)Traits of the Best: Discuss the top traits of the best and focus on not so much how they got to the top but how they stayed at the top.
  • Know Thy Self for Betterment of Team: To stay at the top you must know yourself and your tendencies. Provide and review personality assessments of individuals and gain insights on impact in team dynamic.
  • Fearless Growth and Key Performance Indicators: True growth requires purposeful and intentional effort. Develop agreed upon success metrics and individual commitment contract to team.
  • Energy Management: Individuals must manage their energy between team members and with outside interactions such as prospects, customers and vendors.
  • Authentic Relationships: Deepening the relationships with clients and building referrals. Doing the unexpected. Knowing their pain points. Knowing what is most important in their life. It is always something more than their money.

Sports Team Building Session Examples:

  • DSC_0716Physical Warm-Up Exercises: Get the individual team members engaged, warmed up and connected. Various exercises to pull from that physically challenge team in a safe way while sending a strategic message of importance of connection.
    Strengths, Weakness and Differences: Personality Assessment of each coach and individual team members. Share team dynamic and insights on how to improve communication, connection and performance.
  • Our Playbook- Definition of Success: As a team define what success looks like, expectations of each other that drive the betterment of the team.
  • Rules of Engagement: Define how individuals must work together on and off the team in order to achieve success.
  • Commitment Contract: Every individual makes a personal commitment to specific actions they are going to start, stop and continue to do in order to raise the overall team performance.

Athletic Administration and Coaching Staffs

  • The Business of Coaching: Get real with the current requirements and pressures of being a coach in today’s world of social media, recruiting, fundraising, short-term success metrics and relationship challenges. Managing demands and maximizing your energy.
  • Leadership Traits of the Best: Learn the traits of the best and what they do to drive athletes to peak performance and teams to consistent success.
  • Inspiring This Generation: Today’s athletes have been raised in a completely different world than most of their coach’s generations. Understand what drives them and how to motivate them to thrive in a complex world.

Free Team Building Resources

Get ahead of the game with our free team building resources!  View our library of articles, videos and blogs on topics related to leadership, resiliency and grit, trust and relationship building and more.


“We asked you to deliver a program that addressed partners’ time and energy management, life priorities and personal goal achievement. Not only did you deliver the subject matter, you allowed us to collaborate, trade notes, share a little bit of ourselves and affirm each other.  The response to the time we spent with you was resoundingly positive. Our  goal was to enrich our folks and to leave them with the impression they are  highly valued-as people. You guys did a terrific job- GOAL ACCOMPLISHED!” 

-Jim Kaufman, Managing Director at Merrill Lynch

“We brought Molly and her team in during the offseason to work with both our players and coaching staff. They offered exactly what we were looking for to enhance our team’s overall leadership, chemistry and mental toughness. An immediate shift in perspective and attitude was noticed after her work with us and we look forward to our future sessions with Molly and her incredible staff. Molly has created a purposeful team building experience that will not only last a season but a lifetime.”

-MaChelle Joseph, Women’s Basketball Coach at Georgia Tech

“Having the opportunity to work with Molly and her team this past offseason was extremely beneficial. We wanted to bring in someone who would enhance our team chemistry through shared adversity as well as continue to help build a strong bond between players and coaches. Taking the time to develop and challenge our players mentally and physically set the tone for our upcoming season. Her impact was felt throughout the year as many of her concepts helped us fight through challenges and win another B1G Championship.”

-Suzy Merchant, Women’s Basketball Coach at Michigan State University

“In college tennis, we ask athletes that have been playing an individual sport their entire life to now act as a team. It is a very difficult transition. Molly’s team took the time to understand every personality and tailored the session to address the unique ‘800 lb gorillas’ that were negatively impacting our team. Result? Greater Immediate bonding, more accountability and full commitment as team.”

-Rodney Harmon, Head Women's Tennis Coach at Georgia Tech

“Molly Fletcher knocked our team building out of the park! She’s an outstanding speaker, instructor and motivator. Her unique background as a sports agent provided captivating stories and lessons from some of the top athletes in the world and her collegiate career at Michigan State made her someone with whom our players could easily identify. Our time with Molly brought us closer together as she laid the foundation for the strong chemistry we developed. I would recommend Molly to any team wanting to dig deeper, truly understand one another and reach their potential! She’s the best!”

-Tricia Cullop, Head Women's Basketball Coach at University of Toledo

“Molly really helped us recognize that a team full of different people and personalities should be celebrated, and as long as we have a common cause to work for we’ll be successful. In short, she helped build our team into one high functioning unit. Thanks Molly Fletcher!”

-Chris Peters, Head Swimming Coach at University of Toledo

“Molly and her staff did a phenomenal job with our team. They helped enhance our individual and team’s mental toughness, along with building a cohesive team chemistry. Leaders evolved throughout the process with Molly’s team. Not only will the lessons we learned help us on the field but will definitely be lifelong lessons. We appreciate the support Molly and her team continue to give to Georgia Tech Softball!”

-Shelly Hoerner, Softball Coach at Georgia Tech