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We help our clients unlock peak performance by activating personal drive and connecting it to a clear vision of professional potential.

Is your team . . .

  • Disengaged and disconnected from their work?
  • Burned out with low morale?
  • Not meeting their goals or their full potential?

Creating sustainable success and keeping your team members engaged is not easy.

If you want to create lasting change, you must empower your people to reach their full potential by connecting their personal drive to their professional performance.

Our experiential learning programs produce transformational change that lasts.

We equip your people to prevent burnout, activate their drive, and find a deeper meaning in their work.

By engaging every individual your collective team will unlock their full potential, perform better and experience higher success while feeling more fulfilled than ever.

So, are you ready to unleash your team’s potential?

Founded by former top sports agent Molly Fletcher, and led by a team of highly experienced coaches, we know what it takes to unlock professional potential.

At Game Changer Performance Group, we’re trailblazers who break through the status quo to offer engaging learning experiences that equip people to thrive in their work and develop the career of their dreams.

The principles we share are rooted in Molly’s expertise, having a front row seat in the sports business and working with some of the world’s largest brands to inspire their people to up their games. The principles and rituals for high performance on the field and in business run parallel paths.

Our custom programs deliver proven training that unleashes potential pointing the right direction. Our satisfied clientele are achieving more, experiencing higher success and having a great time doing it.

Our experiences include Energy: Optimize Your Performance™, Negotiation: Maximize Your Influence™ and our new High Impact: Elevate Your Power Skills™ .

Interested in learning more about our experiential learning programs?

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