Molly Fletcher, Inspiring Keynote Speaker

Molly delivers 70+ customized keynotes annually on leadership, business development, and peak performance to rave reviews. She has spoken to more than 300 partner clients in over 150 markets to companies as diverse as AT&T, Bank of America, Carter’s, CVS, Dell EMC, The Home Depot, Johnson & Johnson, Leadercast, Society for Human Resource Management, Taco Bell, TED Talks and hundreds of others.

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Our Promise:

We understand you’re putting Molly in front of your most important people.

We promise to:

  • Understand your business and your goals
  • Deliver a customized message
  • Be responsive and low maintenance— no rider here
  • A grand slam keynote that will exceed your expectations!

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Keynote Topics

Unleash Your Potential

It often takes a crisis to create change in our lives. How can we create transformational change in the absence of crisis and unleash our true potential? Molly shares stories from her experiences as a successful sports agent and lessons from top athletes and coaches in the game. She outlines the 5-step process to unleashing your potential and achieving peak performance.

Fearless At Work

Nothing extraordinary has ever happened by staying comfortable. What would happen if we traded comfort for courage? What if we traded obstacles for opportunity? What if we traded circumstances for vision? We would fear less and innovate more, and our fearlessness would influence the people we serve and the teams we lead. Molly’s message will have you ready to embrace change and break the mold.

Negotiate Your Way to Success

Effective negotiation is rooted in establishing trust and building relationships— one conversation at a time. Hailed as the “female Jerry Maguire” by CNN, Molly shares her proven approach to landing more than $500 million worth of deals throughout her career. Her tactical advice will teach you the skills to influence the conversation and give you the courage to ask for what you want— and get it!

Women Winning in Business… and Beyond

A trailblazer in the male-dominated sports industry, Molly empowers women to carve out their own path for success. Her message inspires, using humor and personal stories of her own experiences to connect. Molly shows how you can find fulfillment without sacrificing personal or professional goals.

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“You knocked it out of the park.  Your energy and humor combined with your message was right on target.  The team continued to speak to me about your talk the remainder of the day, during travel at airports yesterday and through emails today!  In my entire career I have not seen this level of response.”

-John Nosenzo, Chief Commercial Officer, Bioventus

“If you’re after the BEST of the BEST…then Molly Fletcher is the answer. I know, I know—you’ve heard that before about speakers, but let me put this in perspective for you. We (Leadercast) host the World’s Largest One Day Leadership Event with 100K+ in attendance. From Nobel Peace Prize winners to giants of industry, the greatest speakers on the planet take our stage. So, the fact that Molly Fletcher was rated THE #1 SPEAKER at this year’s Leadercast Live event should confirm…she is the REAL DEAL! Molly skillfully wove incredible passion, humor, wisdom, personal experience and authenticity to provide countless, practical leadership lessons that have left people begging for more…and we’re going to accommodate their requests by inviting her back again and again! She was already in the Leadercast NOW library, now she’s on her way to the Hall of Fame.”

-Duane Cummings, CEO, Leadercast

“Molly is a rockstar on stage!  She has a magical way of engaging and connecting with the audience even in a mixed crowd of business owners, spouses and kids. The rubber-meets-the-road concepts she wove through her amazing stories have been tickling my brain for months.  She was rated 9.6 out of 10 by the toughest of graders — YPO members.”

-Dan Balda, Chairman, YPO Florida

“Molly was hands down one of the most popular speakers at our recent leadership conference. Her energy and real-life anecdotes that come from nearly two decades of representing professional athletes and others from the world of sports kept us all totally enthralled. Her talk is entertaining and so much more as she shares her real-life experiences while at the same time deconstructing a recipe for success. Molly offers a great presentation for any leader seeking to up their game.”

-Pat Esser, President, Cox Communications

“Molly’s keynote message really hit the bullseye at our annual sales conference. Never in the 28 year history had a keynote speaker scored greater than an overall 90+ rating on our participant survey – until now. Molly inspired and engaged our sales teams to “Unleash Their Potential” in a way each participant could relate with. It is safe to say – Valpak will see her again in the very near future!!”

-Rick McElwain, EVP Revenue Development, Valpak Direct Marketing Systems

“We were thrilled to have you be a part of our ERG conference this year. You were great and the attendees loved you. If you haven’t already heard from some of them I’m sure you will… lots of them would love to have you come speak at their events in the future. You were a big hit, thank you!”

-Debbie Storey, Retired, EVP Mobility Customer Service at AT&T

“Molly – You really hit it out of the park at Winning is Everything – your evaluations were off the charts!  Thank you for investing so much time and energy in making our event a huge success.”

-Jeannette Schwartz-Ruttan, Executive Director, The Advisory Board

“Thank you so much for participating in EMC World last week! I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback and was truly impressed by the tips and advice that you shared with our audience. Several people (both men and women) have even said it was their favorite session. Your positive, go-getter attitude is truly an inspiration to us all. You had everyone captivated and laughing as you described how you have learned to “reframe” the way you think about yourself in the male-dominated sports industry and how you’ve used your more feminine qualities to your advantage instead of letting them hinder you. Please know you have made a lasting impact.”

-Stella Low, VP Global Communications, EMC Corporation

“I felt honored to be in your presentation today and left feeling compelled to get out there and drive for excellence with authentic execution. Your passion to bring out the best in people is contagious! You gave me 20 clear-cut action steps that I can take home with me and start implementing right away! Thanks again for you passion and for being a champion in helping others to succeed!!”

-Laura Bernier, Kraft Foods

“While Molly’s talk is entertaining, inspiring and motivating, it is also applicable. With wit and candor about her personal experiences, she gave our group practical ways to deepen relationships with their clients, grow their businesses and create ways into new opportunities – thank you Molly for your ‘fearless urgency.’”

--Michael Lawrence, Merrill Lynch