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Molly delivers 60+ keynotes per year, each one tailored to what will inspire every audience to take action. She speaks on leadership philosophy, business development, and peak performance. No matter the audience, she gets rave reviews. And it makes sense why. Hailed as “the female Jerry Maguire” by CNN, Molly spent two decades working next to the biggest names in sports. Now she’s pulling back the curtain on her career as a sports agent and the high-pressure world of elite performers. Molly shares the stories behind the headlines and inspires audiences with her relatable insights and applicable lessons to help people win.

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Unleash Your Potential

Potential is one of the most dangerous words in the dictionary. If you achieve it, you're capable of greatness. But missing it means you stay stagnant and frustrated. Using lessons from her career as a top sports agent, Molly gives you a proven 5-step process for unleashing your potential and achieving peak performance.

Fearless at Work

We are fascinated by the pros who perform at the highest level on the biggest stages. What sets them apart? Fearlessness. But fearlessness is a muscle you have to develop. With stories from her experiences working with the world's greatest athletes, Molly shows you what it takes to overcome fear and perform at the highest level.

5 Negotiating Mistakes Costing You Money

Most people don’t realize how much they leave on the table for themselves, their team, and their company in negotiations. Why? Because they never learned negotiation skills that work. After negotiating countless multi-million dollar deals as a sports agent in a highly competitive environment, Molly created a framework anyone can use to develop their skills and get better results.

Women Winning in Business...and Beyond

Too many women struggle to navigate their careers and find fulfillment without sacrificing professional or personal goals. One of the only female sports agents, Molly was a trailblazer in the male-dominated industry of professional sports. She uses stories, humor and practical insights to inspire women to carve out their own path for success.

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Are you relational or transactional?

Boys & Girls Club of America National Conference

Are you just checking the boxes in your business relationships? Molly’s insightful retelling of a major sports deal remind us to ask the tough questions in our business relationships to ensure shared goals and aspirations.”

Are you fearless at work?

Molly Fletcher gives an inspirational keynote address about aligning work with purpose, taking ownership, and trading fear for curiosity.


“Molly: I really appreciate your partnership and time you invest in us. You give us strength and inspiration – but I’ve also seen a rise in confidence from the folks following you. You have brought positive change to me and to our team this year. Again, I can’t thank you enough – you are not only a Game Changer but a change maker!”

-Rob Danna, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing / ITA Group

“At Linkage, we love Molly so much that she is returning for a third consecutive year to deliver the keynote address at our Women in Leadership Institute, boasting a crowd of 1,100 women leaders across all industries and five continents. She is consistently the highest-rated faculty, receiving a score of 4.91 out of 5 last year, as well as a standing ovation! Molly has amazing stage presence: She’s infectious, captivating, authentic and relatable. Her speech provides real, actionable plans to move forward, and is relevant and inspiring from both a business and personal standpoint. In fact, the skills Molly teaches are so critical for business leaders that we have engaged her team to deliver her workshops as well. Believe me when I say that Molly will captivate any audience and enhance your event!”

-Jennifer McCollum, CEO, Linkage

“Molly delivered a fantastic keynote address to more than 1,700 people at our annual business conference. With a diverse audience, Molly did a great job tailoring her messaging to resonate with everyone. She left our team feeling inspired and engaged. Molly is an absolute professional, and we would recommend her to anyone looking for a powerful and effective speaker.”

-Peter Shelly, Executive Vice President

“Molly was hands down one of the most popular speakers at our recent leadership conference. Her energy and real-life anecdotes that come from nearly two decades of representing professional athletes and others from the world of sports kept us all totally enthralled. Her talk is entertaining and so much more as she shares her real-life experiences while at the same time deconstructing a recipe for success. Molly offers a great presentation for any leader seeking to up their game.”

-Pat Esser, President, Cox Communications

“Molly Fletcher was absolutely fantastic!  Not only did Molly do an incredible job at our meeting, but she also took the time prior to the meeting to visit one of our local facilities to learn about our business and then apply that learning to her presentation.  As a result, our attendees received more than just an inspirational speech.  Instead, they receive concepts and motivation that was relevant to them personally and applicable to what we as an organization are trying to deliver to our customers and to our Old Dominion Family members each and every day.  Molly connected with our attendees from the moment she walked on the stage and because of that connection, she delivered some of the best results we have seen in our post meeting surveys.  I would unequivocally, recommend Molly Fletcher for any engagement at any time. She is truly incredible!”

-Chip Overbey, Senior VP - Strategic Planning, Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc.

“You knocked it out of the park.  Your energy and humor combined with your message was right on target.  The team continued to speak to me about your talk the remainder of the day, during travel at airports yesterday and through emails today!  In my entire career I have not seen this level of response.”

-John Nosenzo, Chief Commercial Officer, Bioventus

“Molly is a rockstar on stage!  She has a magical way of engaging and connecting with the audience even in a mixed crowd of business owners, spouses and kids. The rubber-meets-the-road concepts she wove through her amazing stories have been tickling my brain for months.  She was rated 9.6 out of 10 by the toughest of graders — YPO members.”

-Dan Balda, Chairman, YPO Florida

“Molly’s keynote message really hit the bullseye at our annual sales conference. Never in the 28 year history had a keynote speaker scored greater than an overall 90+ rating on our participant survey – until now. Molly inspired and engaged our sales teams to “Unleash Their Potential” in a way each participant could relate with. It is safe to say – Valpak will see her again in the very near future!!”

-Rick McElwain, EVP Revenue Development, Valpak Direct Marketing Systems

“We were thrilled to have you be a part of our ERG conference this year. You were great and the attendees loved you. If you haven’t already heard from some of them I’m sure you will… lots of them would love to have you come speak at their events in the future. You were a big hit, thank you!”

-Debbie Storey, Retired, EVP Mobility Customer Service at AT&T

“Molly – You really hit it out of the park at Winning is Everything – your evaluations were off the charts!  Thank you for investing so much time and energy in making our event a huge success.”

-Jeannette Schwartz-Ruttan, Executive Director, The Advisory Board

“Thank you so much for participating in EMC World last week! I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback and was truly impressed by the tips and advice that you shared with our audience. Several people (both men and women) have even said it was their favorite session. Your positive, go-getter attitude is truly an inspiration to us all. You had everyone captivated and laughing as you described how you have learned to “reframe” the way you think about yourself in the male-dominated sports industry and how you’ve used your more feminine qualities to your advantage instead of letting them hinder you. Please know you have made a lasting impact.”

-Stella Low, VP Global Communications, EMC Corporation

“I felt honored to be in your presentation today and left feeling compelled to get out there and drive for excellence with authentic execution. Your passion to bring out the best in people is contagious! You gave me clear-cut action steps that I can take home with me and start implementing right away! Thanks again for you passion and for being a champion in helping others to succeed!!”

-Laura Bernier, Kraft Foods

“While Molly’s talk is entertaining, inspiring, and motivating, it is also applicable. With wit and candor about her personal experiences, she gave our group practical ways to deepen relationships with their clients, grow their businesses, and create ways into new opportunities – thank you Molly”

--Michael Lawrence, Merrill Lynch

“Molly is ‘the complete package.’ She is authentic, inspirational and entertaining. She knows how to connect to an audience and deliver unique tools that can captivate as well as motivate. It is an honor to introduce Molly as our keynote speaker during our Executive Women’s Day programming and her passion and devotion to each and every event is a testament to her wonderful character. Our follow up surveys rank her 9 or 10 out of a possible 10 on all occasions. Thank you Molly for an amazing year and we look forward to your presence at even more events next year!”

-Donna Fiedorowicz, RETIRED Senior Vice President, PGA TOUR

“There’s only one word to describe the great Molly Fletcher – phenomenal. Her presentation to our employees was true-to-life, uplifting and powerful. When it was time to leave, most employees seemed not to want to leave the room, as if Molly’s energy and strength would somehow rub off on them. If your organization is ever in need of a speaker whose words motivate and inspire at every turn, give Molly a call.”

--Angie Reevers, Corporate Communications, Porsche Cars North America, Inc

“I’m in Texas at the Southwest women’s conference and in one word Molly Fletcher is AWESOME! Engaging, funny, great connectivity with the audience. She is speaking to advisors and connecting the dots about how she gets and retains client and how that translates to their business. She is the last speaker of the day and folks are just as engaged, or more so, than they were with the first presentation yesterday. I HIGHLY recommend her!”

-Debra Curtis-Petties, Morgan Stanley

“Boys and Girls Clubs of America has benefited from Molly’s business expertise as a current board member, as well as her aspirational message as a keynote speaker. She has dedicated her time and expertise to BGCA for years. She has helped us reach our mission to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. We are forever grateful for all of her passion and all that she has dedicated to our organization.”

-Jim Clark, President, Boys and Girls Clubs of America

“Molly spoke at our Human Resources Quarterly Meeting and delivered a crisp, real and outstanding presentation on connecting and building favor columns. Her messages were incredibly relevant reinforcing the need to service your clients  with “fearless urgency,” being “in the business” and maximizing key moments in your career and in your life. Her messages are fantastic for that one reason. They apply to business, personal life and life in general. I left our session not only inspired and energized, but with a new sense of commitment to the people around me to be the very best that I can be. I’m building points in the favor column of my clients, co-workers, family and friends any time the opportunity presents itself!”

-Ryan Devlin, SVP, Jones Lang LaSalle

“Molly Fletcher is a force. She left our Summer Camp audience laughing, inspired, and simply wanting more. Molly is a world-class speaker, businessperson, talent manager, and coach. Her message of pay it forward investment in your career and your team had our audience ready to take on the world.”

-Joni Doolin, CEO & Founder, TDn2K

“We had the good fortune of hiring Molly to speak to our sales organization. Her energy and enthusiasm onstage can only be described as ferocious. She was intoxicating, not just by virtue of her unique professional experiences, but more so because of how she was able to relate them to people in the room in a way that was both pragmatic and actionable. Further, Molly graciously spent time with our teams after her speech, even going to far as to sit through our awards banquet and engage throughout the evening. She has since spoken on behalf of Transamerica on numerous occasions, each time proving herself to be a class act and a true talent.”

-Jason Crane, EVP, Managing Director, Transamerica Retirement Solutions

“I’ve booked Molly for a number of clients and no matter who is in the audience, I can always count on her to deliver. Molly consistently scores top ratings and makes a lasting impact on attendees. I highly recommend her to any leader looking to motivate and invest in their people!”

-Booking Agent, Speaker Bureau

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