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As a top sports agent for 15 years, I represented and worked with hundreds of the world biggest names in sports. My career gave me a front row seat to peak performance and to the mindset of the best athletes and coaches in the world.

I have helped countless people unlock their drive to accomplish great things and finally live out their dreams. The outside world thinks it’s all about talent, but what I learned from my days as a sports agent is that it’s really about drive.

That’s why I’m passionate about helping people unlock their drive to power next-level success.

About Molly’s Keynotes

A world-renowned speaker, Molly has delivered inspiring keynotes to some of the world’s most admired brands. She talks on leadership, mindset and peak performance.

Molly understands the importance of putting someone in front of your people, and trusting that they deliver. That’s why she takes the time to customize every keynote to meet your goals.

Whether she’s speaking to 50,000 people at a global leadership conference or 75 sales people at a sales summit, Molly gets rave reviews and repeat bookings.

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Keynotes tailored to your audience:

Unleash Your Potential

Potential is one of the most dangerous words in the dictionary. If you achieve it, you're capable of greatness. But missing it means you stay stagnant and frustrated. Using lessons from her career as a top sports agent, Molly gives you a proven 5-step process for unleashing your potential and achieving peak performance.

Fearless at Work

We are fascinated by the pros who perform at the highest level on the biggest stages. What sets them apart? Fearlessness. But fearlessness is a muscle you have to develop. With stories from her experiences working with the world's greatest athletes, Molly shows you what it takes to overcome fear and perform at the highest level.

Secrets of a Champion Mindset

Most people overestimate talent and underestimate drive. Top performers know that complacency is the enemy of success. But the real magic happens when you stop focusing on the competition against others and start competing against yourself. This simple mindset shift unlocks potential by focusing on the process, the journey and the everyday discipline that separates the best from the rest. High achievers know that the view from the top is nice, but it’s the climb that makes it worthwhile.

Women Winning in Business...and Beyond

Too many women struggle to navigate their careers and find fulfillment without sacrificing professional or personal goals. One of the only female sports agents, Molly was a trailblazer in the male-dominated industry of professional sports. She uses stories, humor and practical insights to inspire women to carve out their own path for success.

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Secrets of a Champion Mindset

In more than 15 years as a sports agent representing top athletes and coaches, I had a front row seat to peak performance. What was the difference between those who maximized their potential, and those who didn’t? You think it’s talent, but it’s really drive.

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What people are saying

“At Leadercast we book over 20 world-renown speakers for our events every year. I can count on one hand the speakers we've had back multiple times. Molly Fletcher is one of them. She is a pro's pro who will give you a dynamic, high-energy keynote with immediate action items for your audience to put into practice. She's a no-brainer choice for your next event.”

“Molly’s energizing message was the perfect addition for our Southwest Airlines Leadership Summit! Our leaders were inspired by her stories, personal examples and actionable takeaways. I am so thankful that thousands of our leaders were able to hear her message, and I know that SWA has found a true, lifelong friend and mentor in Molly Fletcher!”

“Molly Fletcher is as clever and inspiring as she is refreshingly entertaining. She leaves her audience delighted and wanting more of all she has to give.”

“Molly was hands down one of the most popular speakers at our recent leadership conference. Her energy and real-life anecdotes that come from nearly two decades of representing professional athletes and others from the world of sports kept us all totally enthralled. Her talk is entertaining and so much more as she shares her real-life experiences while at the same time deconstructing a recipe for success. Molly offers a great presentation for any leader seeking to up their game.”

“At Linkage, we love Molly so much that she is returning for a third consecutive year to deliver the keynote address at our Women in Leadership Institute, boasting a crowd of 1,100 women leaders across all industries and five continents. She is consistently the highest-rated faculty, receiving a score of 4.91 out of 5 last year, as well as a standing ovation! Molly has amazing stage presence: She’s infectious, captivating, authentic and relatable. Her speech provides real, actionable plans to move forward, and is relevant and inspiring from both a business and personal standpoint. In fact, the skills Molly teaches are so critical for business leaders that we have engaged her team to deliver her workshops as well. Believe me when I say that Molly will captivate any audience and enhance your event!”

“There’s only one word to describe Molly Fletcher – phenomenal. Her presentation to our employees was true-to-life, uplifting and powerful. When it was time to leave, most employees seemed not to want to leave the room, as if Molly’s energy and strength would somehow rub off on them. If your organization is ever in need of a speaker whose words motivate and inspire at every turn, give Molly a call.”

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