5 Tips for Virtual Selling

Are you struggling to capture your customers’ attention in a virtual sales environment? Do you need to revamp your sales processes for the remote environment? You’re not alone. COVID-19 has hastened the sales transformation, and for most people, selling virtually has become a mandatory part of doing business. While you may not be able to … Continued

How to Boost Remote Employee Engagement

  We are all still trying to figure out how to perform and produce during these most unusual and adverse times. The demand on workplace productivity is only increasing with remote teams stretched to capacity. How do you ensure everyone on your team is capable of performing at the same level they were before everything … Continued


The Top 10 Episodes of Game Changers for 2020

In 2020, we all learned how to reimagine—how we run our businesses, how we educate our kids, how we connect with our loved ones, and how we spend our time. With change thrust upon us, we learned how to reimagine how we show up and inspire one another. One of the things I love most … Continued

Stop Saying Yes– Here’s How

Have you ever said “yes” and found yourself on a conference call, in a meeting or at a dinner party, thinking: “What the heck am I doing here?” It happens to all of us. You agree to something and then you regret the time and energy you spent on it because of one word— yes. … Continued

Everyday Habits to Boost Your Energy

Do you know the feeling when you are in the middle of important work and suddenly the “spinning wheel” (or more accurately- the “circle of death”) shows up uninvited? That dreaded circle spins on your computer and you can’t get your computer to do anything. You hit a few buttons – any button- and nothing … Continued

Top 100 Takeaways From “Game Changers with Molly Fletcher”

I launched my podcast, Game Changers with Molly Fletcher, in 2017 to take you behind the scenes with game changers from every walk of life. Now it’s something I look forward to and can’t wait to share with you. In celebration of passing the 100 episodes milestone, I thought it would be fun to share my 100 … Continued

Do These 3 Things to be a Better Virtual Negotiator

How many of you are having to negotiate or re-negotiate right now, but are posed with different challenges than just the negotiation, in light of our virtual world? Many of you are finding yourselves having to negotiate virtually right now.  In our Game Changer Negotiation Training™ we encourage people to to negotiate in person, but since … Continued

How Does A Leader Emerge?

A leader’s job is to rally a group or team to achieve a unified goal. But before that happens, a leader must emerge. If you want to emerge as a leader, do these three things: Be curious. Curiosity is key to learning and growth. When curiosity is at the forefront of your thinking, you ask … Continued

7 Practical Tips to Work (And Lead) Remotely

If you are like many people, you may not be reading this week’s blog from your office. As COVID-19 spreads, most employers are encouraging their people to work from home for an indefinite period of time. That shift can be overwhelming and even frustrating. You are probably wondering how to work and communicate effectively. As … Continued