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10 Takeaways From My Top Podcast Episodes Of 2023

January 17, 2024 • Podcast

What an extraordinary year 2023 turned out to be for the “Game Changers with Molly Fletcher” podcast! I was privileged to host so many exceptional guests and learned so much through these conversations. I’ve been reflecting on what I want to bring with me into 2024, and I decided to share my favorite takeaways from the top 10 episodes of 2023. Distilling these episodes down to one insight was hard to do, so I encourage you to listen to the full episodes if you have the opportunity.

The Top 10 Podcast Episodes of 2023


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Molly Fletcher inspires leaders, teams and organizations to up their game. A keynote speaker and author, Molly draws on her decades of experiences working as a sports agent. Molly is the founder of Game Changer Performance Group.  Sign up to receive her newsletter, subscribe to the Game Changers with Molly Fletcher podcast, and watch her TED Talk on The Secrets to a Champion Mindset

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