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3 Ways Curiosity Enhances Relationships

January 1, 2018 • Uncategorized

Curiosity is key to learning and growth. It is also key to enhancing relationships, connection and leadership. Here are three ways to think about curiosity and connection in order to kick start growth in 2018 and beyond.

Curious People Are Present

It is extremely hard to be curious if you are distracted and over scheduled. If you don’t stop, listen, or look around, you will miss opportunities to be curious. When you focus on being present and where you are in the moment, you open up the possibility of better engagement with others. And by staying curious inside of conversations, we delve deeper, stay open-minded, and truly connect.

 Curious People Take Risks

There’s a reason “curiosity killed the cat” is such an iconic expression: because curious people lean into riskier moments. The cat wasn’t so lucky, but in our own lives these calculated risks can help us bridge the gap from acquaintance to friendship; from prospective client to new client; from raw relationships to authentic connections. Curiosity sparks possibility. Curious people want to know “what would happen if.” And their curious nature merits exploring the “what ifs.”

 Curious People Create Energy

Have you ever been to a party and you met someone who asked you a lot of great questions? Every answer you gave inspired another question. And it wasn’t being nosy – it was from a point of true curiosity. These conversations create energy and people react to it, which drives connection. People remember when someone asks them a lot of questions because they feel that person was truly interested in them and it makes them feel valued. This type of curiosity helps take relationships to a different level with more ways to connect in the future.

 Your Game Changer Takeaway

 Studies show that curiosity improves your intelligence and level of happiness. Psychology professor Todd Kashdan’s book Curious? Discover the Missing Ingredient to a Fulfulling Life describes how cultivating curiosity is the road to happy, healthy, and meaningful living. When you are present, when you lean into risks, and when you celebrate the art of asking questions, you allow curiosity to strengthen your relationships.

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