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48 Thoughts for 48 Years

September 15, 2019 • Uncategorized

I turn 48 this week—it’s hard to type that to be honest! I remember thinking this was old, but I don’t feel old. So maybe I shouldn’t have made that assumption. In the spirit of embracing another trip around the sun—and inspired by my friend Ryan Holiday— I thought it would be fun to share 48 thoughts for 48 years (in no particular order).  So here goes….

  1. Curiosity helps me see the world in a different way, helps me grow and provides perspective. I love asking questions… to anyone, anywhere.
  2. When I find myself in difficult conversations, my default mindset is “get curious.” Trade defensiveness for curiosity and you will find connection.
  3. Self-awareness is the first step in leading others effectively. Know how you show up.
  4. It’s more important to manage your energy than your time.
  5. Don’t chase money. Chase the behaviors that align with your life’s mission.
  6. Stop talking about winning and start doing the behaviors that create the kind of outcome you want. If you do that, the results take care of themselves.
  7. Life is too short to burn bridges – ever.
  8. Marrying my husband Fred 20 years ago was the most important decision I’ve ever made. He is a true partner in everything.
  9. Our children are a gift, but I don’t try to live through them. I want to help them find their passion and live their best life.
  10. Relationships are the linchpin to fulfillment.
  11. Fear creates a world we don’t love and keeps us from realizing there can be more. Fearlessness asks “What if…?”
  12. Meditation is one of my most important new habits. I do it every morning and find myself to be calmer and more focused when I do (both of which I need).
  13. Focus on what you can control and let go of what you can’t.
  14. Money will never make you happy. Happiness comes from the inside out.
  15. Responding vs. reacting to situations is the key to handling them without regret.
  16. There is power in humility – always, everywhere, all the time.
  17. Life will get hard – remember, “I can do hard.”
  18. When it comes to the magical unicorn called “balance,” be gentle on yourself. You won’t get it right every day. That’s ok. Pull back and see where you can make changes and lean into the change that’s needed for the outcome you want most.
  19. When you feel guilty about saying “no,” just remember you are saying “yes” to something more important to you.
  20. Children are absolute miracles. Appreciate every moment, big and small, easy and hard – lean into it all, it goes fast.
  21. I still need my parents. I call them every day, sometimes twice a day. They are the wisest people I know.
  22. Uninvited, unwanted, unwelcome change shows up in our lives at times. It feels scary, until we reframe it and believe this… Change isn’t happening TO me, change is happening FOR me.
  23. Discover a new hobby or invest in your current ones. I love my work so much, that if I wasn’t intentional about my other interests, I’d work way too much.
  24. Exercise is my most important outlet (physical meditation) to strengthen my inside so my body can do what I need it to do.
  25. I used to worry about what people think until I discovered it was a total waste of energy. I can’t control it anyway so why worry about it?
  26. I actually like to fly. There’s something about that quiet time in the air that allows me to work on thoughtful projects.
  27. Unpopular opinion– I don’t like movies. I know I should try to as it would be a great way to imagine and learn.
  28. I am grateful for the moments in life that I failed. I learned more from those moments than I did from the wins.
  29. How you envision success is up to you.
  30. Not a day goes by that I don’t worry about something happening to my girls and I need to learn to let go and relax and know that God is in charge, not me.
  31. My favorite time of day will always be first thing in the morning, as the sun is rising, and no one else in the house is up. It’s when I meditate, anticipate the day, the day for those I love most, and journal about three things I am grateful for.
  32. Write a purpose statement and read it daily. Filter your decisions through it.
  33. My bookshelf is my favorite part of my office. It’s filled with learning opportunities, reminders and inspiration.
  34. The big moment is really the culmination of a lot of little moments. Without putting in the work, the big moments are few and far between.
  35. Embrace the pause. Stillness is ok. It’s when important things bubble up.
  36. My favorite book of all time is still The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.
  37. You’re only as good as the team beside you. Insanely grateful for mine.
  38. Have a difficult conversation today that you’ve been putting off. Most of the time, relationships fall apart not because of the conversations we have but because of the ones we avoid.
  39. Laughing like I did as a kid is just as important today- and no one makes me laugh like my brother Jim.
  40. Yesterday is over. Let it go, learn from it, and use the lessons as a gift.
  41. Actions speak louder than words. Period.
  42. Make your goals visible. Michael Hyatt told me that the #1 reason people don’t achieve their goals is lack of visibility. Ever since then, I’ve kept mine on my desk.
  43. Your to-do list isn’t going anywhere. So chill out sometimes. It’s ok!
  44. Lead with love in all moments and all conversations. Bob Goff taught me this and it changes everything.
  45. I still feel like I’m 29. Taking care of myself is one of my highest priorities.
  46. Life is not a dress rehearsal – go for it!
  47. Control where you invest your energy. Otherwise, someone else will.
  48. Getting older includes getting wiser – I can’t wait for all the tomorrows.


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