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7 Kickass Women to Follow on Instagram

February 27, 2019 • Uncategorized

In celebration of Women’s History Month, I thought it would be fun to share some of the women who inspire me. I admit I first joined Instagram to keep up with my three teenage daughters, but one of my favorite things about the platform is discovering new people who are sharing their gifts with the world. And lately I’ve been following some kickass women who make me laugh, make me think, and sometimes give me a good kick in the pants when I need it.

You might enjoy following them, too. Here they are:

  1. Reese Witherspoon @reesewitherspoon — Reese Witherspoon is a Hollywood star, entrepreneur, author, and mom. She’s also the founder of Hello Sunshine, a media company which celebrates women and puts them at the center of the story. Her posts range from pithy to profound, and my favorite might just be when she re-posts #dogsofinstagram, and here’s why. You’re welcome. Bonus: also follow her curated book club where she announces a new book every month.
  2. Sara Blakely @sarablakely — Not only is Sara Blakely the founder of Spanx and a self-made billionaire, she may just have the world’s best collection of coffee mugs. Follow her for her #MondayMugShots, a funny and inspiring take on #MondayMotivation starring her favorite mugs. Bonus: her Instagram Stories chronicle “working mom life” with hilariously relatable moments capturing the adventures of parenthood with four kids under age 9.
  3. Brené Brown @brenebrown — Research professor and author Brené Brown challenges us to “walk through vulnerability to get to courage.” Her Instagram feed features great book recommendations, inspiring quotes, and powerful stories that make you pause and reflect. I love her sporadic ‘post it note’ reminders around her house that always send a well-timed message. 
  4. Jess Ekstrom @jess_ekstrom — Jess and I first connected as speakers at Leadercast. She’s the founder of Headbands of Hope and just started a new initiative, Mic Drop, to get more women as keynote speakers. Her “Notes from Jess” always get my attention and I love how openly she shares her journey as an entrepreneur, speaker, and soon-to-be author with the world.
  5. Jen Hatmaker @jenhatmaker — Author and podcast host Jen Hatmaker gives us a real peek behind the curtain of her life with her posts– from funny text messages she receives, who her newest podcast guest is, inspirational memes, family photos and even pictures of her cooking. She’s a fun lady who’s fun to follow.  
  6. Cleo Wade @cleowade — Artist and poet Cleo Wade has been called “The Millennial Oprah” by New York Magazine and “Everyone’s B.F.F.” by the New York Times. But it’s her Instagram feed featuring her handwritten poetry that has captured the attention and hearts of more than 482K followers. Follow her for a little self-love, compassion and inspiration when you need it most.
  7. Billie Jean King @billiejeanking — I had the incredible honor of interviewing tennis legend Billie Jean King at an event last year. She’s someone I looked up to as a young girl playing the sport so it was pretty surreal. At 75 years young, her Instagram is a fun mix of throwback photos, behind-the-scenes photos (with famous friends like Magic Johnson and Elton John) and shots from the tennis world. Most inspiring is seeing her continue to fight for equality and inclusion while motivating our next generation.

Who are your favorite follows on Instagram? Send me your suggestions, and here’s a shameless plug to follow me @mollywfletcher.

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