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The Best Blogs of 2016

December 13, 2016 • Uncategorized

The Best Blogs of 2016As we approach the end of 2016, we take a look back at our most popular blogs from the year. From public speaking tips to personal mission statements to confidence boosters, here’s what you were reading and sharing in 2016.

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1. My Letter To Every Girl Who Plays Sports—and her Parents

Our most shared blog of the year, this letter that Molly penned to every girl who plays sports—and her parents—resonated in a big way.

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2. 3 Ways To Develop Positive Thinking Through Self-Talk

The most powerful self-talk is the dialogue inside us. This popular blog delves into how we can develop positive thinking by focusing on the way we talk to ourselves.

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3. 10 Things That Require ZERO Talent

Success isn’t created by talent alone. These 10 behaviors are always in our control—and have a huge impact on our success.

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4. Why Your Personal Mission Statement Matters

A personal mission statement is a compass to guide our way through the inevitable moments of discomfort and uncertainty en route to our goals. Here’s how to craft one.

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5. 5 Tools to Re-Build Your Confidence

A confidence toolbox is a great way to boost your self-confidence. Have you experienced a setback and feel your confidence slipping? Here’s how to get it back.

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6. Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking With These 7 Tips

Are you afraid of public speaking? You aren’t alone. 74% of people suffer from speech anxiety. Overcome your fear with these seven tips.

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7. The 4 Types of People You Need In Your Life

There are 4 types of people that we all need in our life that make us better every day. Find out who they are so that you can make sure you have them in your circle.

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8. How To Be Present– And Why It Matters

In the middle of our busy schedules, how can we lock in and be present? Here’s how to be present, and why it matters.

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9. 9 Ways to Inspire with a Handwritten Note

In a world of instant communication, a handwritten note delivers a message that lasts. Discover why you should reach for a pen next time—and how to write a memorable note.

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10. 6 Tips for Couples Who Travel for Work

Distance makes the heart grow fonder may be a popular saying, but anyone who travels for work knows the challenge of being separated from loved ones. Use these tips to help navigate the issues that may arise.

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Bonus Read: 5 Core Values Behind Pat Summitt’s Legendary Leadership

We lost a legend in basketball coach Pat Summitt in 2016. Readers re-visited this blog to gain a glimpse into the values upon which the trailblazing coach built her success. Anyone in a leadership role will appreciate these takeaways from a coaching legend.

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