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January 7, 2012 • Uncategorized

People say you have to love your self to love someone else.  True. I believe you also have to know yourself to really be able to really know others.  You have to know your tendencies, your quirks, your strengths and weakness.  You have to know what depletes your energy and what strengthens your energy. You have to know what inspires you and how you best inspire others.  You have to know your WHY.  Why do you do what you do?

Through my YPO (Young Presidents Organization) I was asked to take an “Enneagram Type Indicator.”  It is a “personality test.”  But it is the the one I have found to be the best.  The best because so many people I work with in YPO who facilitate retreats for executives use this as their primary indicator for personality types. And I found it to be the most practical from my personal experience as well.  It is ten bucks and takes 30 minutes to take the test (and no I am not paid or asked in anyway to endorse this product).

I took my first one last week and within just a few minutes I had an email in my in box telling me all about myself.  I shared it with my husband and he said, “wow, freaky, this thing nailed it.” The best part isn’t that it tells you what you know, the best part is it shows you your blind spots.  I always say (as do many – I certainly didn’t think of it) – our greatest area of exposure as individuals in not knowing what we don’t know. www.enneagraminstitute.com is their site.

Not that you care, but I am a type 3 with my second highest score was a type 2.

At the risk of being a little vulnerable – which I always recommend to people, I thought I would be vulnerable myself and tell you just who I am. If you can skip a latte for a couple days and spend that money on the Enneagram test, I am confident you will find it helpful.  It will help you know what you need to work on and better understand the formula for you to be your BEST!


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