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Here’s Every Book Ever Recommended on My Podcast 2.0

January 14, 2020 • Uncategorized

Early last year, we curated all of the books ever recommended on my podcast. It got a tremendous response, so now it’s time to share the updated list! If ‘read more’ is one of your goals this year or you are looking for a book on a particular topic, this list is a great resource. They are organized by seven topics and every book has been personally recommended by a guest on the show. Happy reading!


Personal and Professional Development

Sales & Marketing

Teams & Culture

Psychology and Spirituality

 Biographies, Memoirs & Non-Fiction

 Fiction / Novels

* Author is also a guest on Game Changers with Molly Fletcher

** Multiple asterisks indicated book was recommended by multiple guests

BONUS! Game Changers Book Club– Books authored by guests who have joined me on my podcast: