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Here’s Every Book Ever Recommended on My Podcast — Updated!

January 27, 2022 • Uncategorized

One of my most popular blogs to date is “Every Book Ever Recommended on My Podcast,” and we have updated the blog to refresh the list. The books are organized by seven topics: Leadership; Personal and Professional Development; Sales & Marketing; Teams & Culture; Psychology & Spirituality; Biographies, Memoirs & Non-Fiction; and Fiction & Novels. Every book has been personally recommended by a guest on the show. Happy Reading!


Personal and Professional Development

Sales & Marketing

Teams & Culture

Psychology and Spirituality

Biographies, Memoirs & Non-Fiction

Fiction / Novels


* Author is also a guest on Game Changers with Molly Fletcher

** Multiple asterisks indicated book was recommended by multiple guests

BONUS! Game Changers Book Club– Books authored by guests who have joined me on my podcast:


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