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A Letter To My Daughters— And Every Teenage Girl

May 15, 2017 • Most Popular

A Letter To My Daughters— And Every Teenage GirlDear Emma, Meg and Kate,

Mother’s Day has just passed, and boy are these years flying by. In a few more blinks, you’ll be off to college and establishing yourself as independent women. I want to make the most of our precious time under one roof and help you be the best each of you can possibly be. Here are 7 things to remember that will help you always keep growing.

1. Your first time doing anything will feel weird. First boyfriend, first kiss, first breakup, first time living away from home, first job. Get used to breaking out of your comfort zone. It’s a chance to learn: What worked? What didn’t? Learn as you bloom, and you’ll be primed to grab opportunities that otherwise would seem out of reach.

Keep growing.

2. Ask for help. You know how I’m always talking about curiosity. Keep asking lots of questions, because mentors are everywhere. When they answer, listen and remember. You will learn things in the most unexpected moments, and your education will continue to open new doors for you.

Keep growing.

3. Saying no is saying yes to what you want most There is more than a moral value to saying no to drinking, drugs or premarital sex, for instance. The discipline of saying no to these detours means that you’ve claimed the path that you set for yourself.  You are owning your journey.  You demonstrate that you’re focused on your goals, and you inspire others to find theirs.

Keep growing.

4. Increase your failure tolerance. As you grow you will fail, so make the most of these setbacks. Lean into fearful moments to build the muscle of fearlessness stronger every day. When you feel the fear bubble up, remain in charge of going forward. This muscle will build the more you use it, and each time it won’t be quite as hard.

Keep growing.

5. Practice gratitude daily. You will experience amazing perspective and energy this way. When you focus on being thankful for everything, you can live as my friend Isaac Lidsky says – eyes wide open. Gratitude will spark your initiative, humor, and grace.

Keep growing.

6. Be nice. Not just to people you like, but to everyone, including yourself. “What comes around, goes around” is an old cliché, but trust me, it’s true.  Keep the focus on what you can do for others, because giving helps you grow even more than they gain.

Keep growing.

7. I’m here for you. I will always help you with emotional recycling! Go ahead and dump your confusion and disappointments here, because together we can turn those into something beautiful and lasting.

My letters (and weekly blog) end with a takeaway for game changers who want to dream, live and grow fearlessly. You’re becoming one, so watch out world! Can you hear me cheering as you spread your wings?

Keep growing, angels!

I love you,


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