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Category: Most Popular

Episode 11- Kat Cole on Authentic Leadership

From her start as a hostess at Hooters to leading some of the world’s best-known food brands, Kat Cole shares the leadership lessons she’s learned through her accelerated rise up the corporate ladder. On this episode, the current group president of FOCUS Brands talks about her personal leadership philosophy, how to help people embrace change, […]

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Powered by Purpose at Leadercast 2017

Last week, I spoke at Leadercast— —the world’s largest one-day leadership event–  where the theme of the day was “Powered by Purpose.” Those three words were affirming and challenging at the same time. We talk about purpose a lot, but what does it really mean, and how can we find it through our work? “Purpose […]

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5 Things Fearless People Do

Change is all around us every day, and inside uncertainty is where fear can take hold.  When we don’t know what’s ahead, we easily can fill our small moments with things that comfort instead of challenge us. In my book, Fearless At Work,  I share how to trade fear for more productive behaviors to maximize […]

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5 Ways To Overcome Your Fear Of Change

If you fear change when you are at work, or if you fear change in your life in general, you’re in good company! My friend Cheryl A. Bachelder, the CEO of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Inc., was dealing with fear a lot too. She solved her anxiety by working hard to replace it with anticipation. Isn’t […]

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What Being an Athlete Taught Me about Grit

  Keep going. These two words are the essence of grit. Because everyone can benefit by continuing to learn grit, I want to share with you what being an athlete taught me about this important trait and how grit learned from sports helped me in business. What I Learned About Grit through Sports My sport was […]

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10 Questions Every Leader Is Afraid To Ask But Should

What leader doesn’t want to be more trusted and more effective? To get there, you must find your blind spots so you can resolve them intentionally to become a stronger leader. It takes openness, vulnerability and fearlessness to have this kind of curiosity. Many leaders are afraid to ask tough questions, but trust me, your […]

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10 Things That Require ZERO Talent

How often do we equate success with talent? All the time. But the reality is, success isn’t created by talent alone. Just like we might see immense talent squandered, we also see underdogs unexpectedly overachieve. Here are 10 behaviors that we can always control that require zero talent yet have a huge impact on our […]

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