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Episode 59- Amy Trask on Negotiating Tactics from an NFL Executive

March 7, 2019 • Leadership
Amy Trask

As the CEO of the Oakland Raiders, Amy Trask served as the highest-ranking female executive in the NFL. Today she’s a football analyst for CBS Sports and serves as Chairman of the Board of Ice Cube’s BIG3. In her book, “You Negotiate Like a Girl,” Amy reflects on her career in the NFL and the leadership lessons she learned on her journey. We talk about how she carved her own path from intern to CEO, her approach to negotiating, and why she never paid attention to gender despite often being the only woman in the room.

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Show Notes

  • How her leadership style evolved over a 30-year career with the Raiders (2:16)
  • How Amy describes the culture of the Oakland Raiders (4:00)
  • The most important lesson she learned from Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis (6:40)
  • Understanding the importance of disagreement (9:04)
  • Why Amy says to stop thinking about your gender (10:33)
  • Define “work-life balance” how you want to, without judgment (12:09)
  • What went into her decision to leave the Oakland Raiders (14:13)
  • The story behind the book title “You Negotiate Like A Girl” (16:37)
  • Amy’s approach to negotiating (18:26)
  • Her role in settling litigation against the Raiders (24:05)
  • The biggest mistake people make when negotiating (27:06)

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