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Episode 190- Don’t Downsize Your Dreams with TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie

February 29, 2024 • Book Club
Savannah Guthrie

What would your life look like if you stopped playing it small? If you pursued your dreams wholeheartedly? Savannah Guthrie is one of the biggest names in television and she’s reached that level of success because she’s not afraid to take risks. Savannah is the co-anchor of TODAY, NBC News’ chief legal correspondent and a primary anchor for the network’s election coverage. She’s interviewed some of the most recognizable figures in the world from former Presidents to the biggest celebrities and newsmakers. Her work has been recognized with the Edward R. Murrow Award and multiple News Emmys. Her new book, Mostly What God Does, is her most personal yet as Savannah explores the place of faith in everyday life and the many ways God loves us. In our conversation today, we talk about the value of taking risks in your career, finding fulfillment, and never downsizing your dreams.

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Show Notes

  • How losing her dad at an early age shaped Savannah’s life (1:44)
  • Staying rooted in faith as her foundation (4:32)
  • Don’t be afraid to step out and take risks (6:03)
  • Savannah’s advice for women: don’t wait for confidence (8:05)
  • Why she decided to write her new book, Mostly What God Does (11:33)
  • Who she wrote the book for (15:18)
  • How having her children later in life has been a blessing in disguise (18:13)
  • Show yourself grace when life gets messy (22:34)
  • Pursue the thing that’s working wholeheartedly and the rest will take care of itself (24:59)
  • Be radically honest with yourself (26:17)
  • Expect God to speak in many different ways in your life (27:52)
  • When you feel fear, look outward instead of inward (33:07)
  • Think big and don’t scale down your dreams. (36:54)
  • How becoming a mother broke Savannah’s vulnerability wide open (38:30)


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