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Episode 105- Arthur Blank on Values-Based Leadership

In 1978, Arthur Blank and his business partner Bernie Marcus were fired from the hardware store chain Handy Dan. Within a year, they co-founded The Home Depot. In his new book Good Company, Arthur shares the powerful principles that have defined his success and serve as the foundation for his diverse businesses, including the Atlanta Falcons (NFL) and Atlanta United FC (MLS). On this episode, we talk about how a values-based approach can transform companies, associates, customers and communities. Arthur’s approach is a playbook for any leader who wants to build a culture that’s rooted in values and powered by purpose.

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Show Notes

  • The six core values: Put people first; Listen and respond; Include everyone; Lead by example; Innovate continuously; Give back to others
  • Arthur Blank’s leadership style (2:28)
  • How Arthur’s firing from Handy Dan launched The Home Depot (3:44)
  • Why losing his father at an early age instilled a sense of urgency in his life (4:55)
  • People should feel like they are working with you, not for you (5:43)
  • Scaling your company’s culture and core values (7:58)
  • How to measure whether you are living your core values and the impact (11:00)
  • Put people first- the story of the seating at Mercedes Benz Stadium (14:57)
  • The Mercedes-Benz stadium innovative food and beverage pricing that became an industry standard (18:59)
  • Listen and respond- how Arthur approached leadership with both the Atlanta Falcons and The Home Depot (23:53)
  • Arthur shares a leadership mistake he made and what he learned from it (31:47)
  • Get comfortable getting uncomfortable and embrace difficult conversations (36:45)
  • What motivates him and how it’s evolved over the years (39:44)


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