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Episode 54- The Best of 2018

December 27, 2018 • Inspiration & Motivation
Best of 2018

This special edition of Game Changers with Molly Fletcher features clips and insights from some of our most downloaded episodes in 2018. Hear from guests like bestselling authors Patrick Lencioni, Seth Godin and Daniel Pink, athletes and coaches like NASCAR champ Jimmie Johnson, Hall of Fame pitcher John Smoltz, and Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney, and business leaders like Ginger Hardage (Southwest Airlines), Jenn Lim (Zappos), and Patty McCord (Netflix).

Show Notes

  • Three takeaways from Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney (1:37)
  • Patrick Lencioni on the difference between commitment and consensus (4:44)
  • Daniel Coyle on how to give “magical feedback” (6:15)
  • Juliet Funt on the four thieves of productivity (8:22)
  • Patty McCord on a defining moment in Netflix’s history that led to an overhaul of the company’s culture (9:48)
  • Daniel Pink on the importance of breaks (12:04)
  • Ryan Holiday on how to focus on the things we can control (13:50)
  • Joshua Medcalf on why he’s replaced “positive thinking” with “beneficial and constructive” thinking (15:23)
  • Emily Giffin on leaving her job at a prestigious law firm to pursue her dream of becoming a writer (17:15)
  • Herm Edwards on the difference between interested and committed (18:41)
  • John Smoltz on what baseball taught him about resilience(20:22)
  • Seth Godin on his new book, This Is Marketing (22:27)
  • Jenn Lim explains the “happiness heartbeat” exercise(23:11)
  • Bob Goff on loving everybody, always (25:24)

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