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Episode 6- Billy Horschel on Mental Toughness

Billy Horschel

PGA Tour golfer Billy Horschel is one of golf’s brightest young stars. On this episode, Billy talks about recovering from adversity, developing mental toughness, how to handle pressure, and the piece of advice he received from Tiger Woods that changed his mental approach.

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Show Notes

  • How his blue collar upbringing influenced his mentality (2:40)
  • On the importance of mental toughness in golf (8:26)
  • Using visualization to mentally prepare for tournaments (11:48)
  • On the visualization trick that Tiger Woods taught him (15:06)
  • How he manages his energy during life out on Tour (17:35)
  • His advice to his younger self (24:00)
  • Trusting the process (26:03)
  • His unique style via Ralph Lauren (33:50)


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