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Episode 178- Brad Stulberg on How to Master Change

September 14, 2023 • Book Club
Brad Stulberg

The average person experiences 36 major changes in their adult life. Change is constant. So why do we tend to view it as a threat? Brad Stulberg is here to help us shift our mindset around change. His new book Master of Change offers a path for embracing and even growing from life’s constant instability. Brad researches, writes, and coaches on health, well-being, and sustainable excellence. He is the bestselling author of The Practice of Groundedness and co-author of Peak Performance. He also serves as the co-host of The Growth Equation podcast and is on faculty at the University of Michigan’s Graduate School of Public Health. On this episode, Brad offers concrete principles to help you navigate change, build resilience and embrace transformation so you can emerge better than before.

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Show Notes

  • What inspired Brad to write his new book, Master of Change (1:50)
  • Why it’s important to shift your mindset around change (3:21)
  • What is rugged flexibility? (4:23)
  • The importance of matching expectations and reality quickly (5:11)
  • Expect that change will be hard (6:36)
  • Why is change so difficult? (7:57)
  • Stop viewing change as a threat (11:26)
  • How rugged flexibility differs from resilience (13:22)
  • The two things that people get wrong about change (13:52)
  • The 4 Ps framework: pause, process, plan, proceed (17:13)
  • The power of staying present in the moment (19:15)
  • How identity is both stable and fluid (24:21)
  • Using your core values to help you navigate change (26:26)
  • The example of Roger Federer embracing change to extend his career (31:21)
  • How to tell the difference between real fatigue and fake fatigue (36:22)
  • 5 questions to help you embrace change (41:43)
  • How leaders can help their teams embrace change (43:49)

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