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Episode 76- Brian Lord on How To Get Paid To Speak

October 31, 2019 • Business Leaders
Brian Lord

You have a message you want to share. The problem is, you don’t know how to position yourself and create a platform to share it. How can you get booked as a speaker? Brian Lord is a 24-year veteran of the booking industry with more than $100 million in bookings. He’s booked everyone from presidents to superstar athletes to leading CEOs. On this episode, Brian shares everything you need to know about the speaking industry, whether you are a rookie or a veteran speaker. We talk about where to find the right clients, how to determine your speaking fee, and the three things every speaker must have to get booked.

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Show Notes

  • A snapshot of the speaking industry (2:09)
  • Who books speakers? (3:59)
  • How Brian started booking talent as a college student out of his dorm room (6:18)
  • What video content you need to get from every speaking engagement you do (8:54)
  • How to get the right testimonials (12:53)
  • How to frame up your speaker bio to get results (15:10)
  • How to determine your speaking fee (17:16)
  • How to get referrals (21:55)
  • What meeting planners look for in a speaker (26:40)
  • How to build relationships with speaker bureaus (29:52)
  • What role should on stage visuals like Power Point play in your presentation (38:02)
  • The difference between the best speakers and everyone else (39:38)
  • The biggest mistakes speakers make (41:10)

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