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Episode 58- Celeste Headlee on Ways to Have a Better Conversation

February 21, 2019 • Book Club
Celeste Headlee

Celeste Headlee’s TED Talk “10 ways to have a better conversation” has been viewed more than 17 million times. She’s an award-winning journalist and the author of We Need To Talk – How To Have Conversations That Matter. On this episode, Celeste shares the simple communication tools she’s learned through her research and job as a public radio host interviewing hundreds of guests. Her smart strategies are a guide to have more effective, more meaningful conversations at work and in our personal lives.

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Show Notes

  • What inspired her TED talk, “Ten Ways to Have Better Conversations”(1:43)
  • How fear is preventing us from meaningful conversation (3:15)
  • What’s wrong with the most common advice about communication (5:15)
  • What makes a good conversation (6:56)
  • The only four times email is an effective business tool (7:41)
  • The $73B price of poor communication in the business world (11:26)
  • Are smart phones and technology at fault? (13:09)
  • Setting limits on your relationship with technology (15:52)
  • Tips for how to have better conversations (18:37)
  • The Sesame Street model for conversation (20:18)
  • The communication hacks that aren’t effective (21:18)
  • The consequences of multi-tasking (23:11)
  • The power of the pause in conversation (27:02)
  • Her new book project (32:02)
  • The harmful effect the mere presence of a cell phone has on human connection (35:39)

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