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Episode 77- Charles Duhigg on How to Change Your Habits

November 14, 2019 • Book Club
Charles Duhigg

More than 40% of what you do every day is habit. Habits are the foundation for how you live your life and do your work. In his New York Times bestseller, The Power of HabitCharles Duhigg explores the science of habits. Why do they exist and how can you change them? If you have the power to change your habits, you have the power to change your life. And the key to changing your habits is understanding the science of how they work. On this episode, Charles shares a framework to help you create new habits and break your bad habits.

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Show Notes

  • The habit loop: cue, routine, reward (1:57)
  • The science of habit formation (2:25)
  • The definition of a habit (3:41)
  • An example of cue-routine-reward loop in habit formation (4:09)
  • The two steps to change a bad habit (6:45)
  • How to sustain habit change over time (9:00)
  • The power of keystone habits inside of organizations (11:46)
  • The difference between busy and being productive (13:36)
  • Why the most productive people have short to-do lists (14:50)
  • The importance of locus of control in motivation (16:10)
  • How To! With Charles Duhigg podcast (17:34)
  • Why exercise is a powerful keystone habit (19:29)

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