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Episode 128- Chase Rice on Finding the Drive to Achieve Your Dreams

October 28, 2021 • Inspiration & Motivation
Chase Rice

As a college football standout, Chase Rice once dreamed of playing in the NFL. Now he’s selling out those same stadiums as one of the hottest stars in country music. No matter what dream he pursues, Chase separates himself with his relentless drive. After working on the pit crew in NASCAR and competing on Survivor, Chase moved to Nashville to pursue a career in country music. He’s penned hits like Cruise, topped the country charts, and opened for Garth Brooks. But his inner journey didn’t always match his external success. On this episode, Chase opens up about his struggle with depression, finding his voice through his music, and never settling.

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Show Notes

  • How an injury ended his NFL aspirations and opened up the door to music (1:43)
  • Writing his first song after the death of his father (3:45)
  • Chase’s mantra: “Head down. Eyes up.” (4:53)
  • Learning the importance of mental health (7:10)
  • Finding strength through adversity (10:01)
  • Heads Down Eyes Up Foundation (13:00)
  • His experience working on a NASCAR pit crew and then competing on Survivor (12:17)
  • Learning to trust his intuition (15:10)
  • It’s not about talent; it’s about drive (17:07)
  • Staying true to who you are (18:44)
  • The pressure to make a hit knowing what you want to do (19:55)
  • Hitting his lowest point while experiencing outwards success (21:20)
  • Finding the right fit with a label (23:32)
  • The silver lining of the pandemic (27:28)
  • His songwriting process (31:34)
  • Touring with Kane Brown (36:04)
  • How he handles the pressures of celebrity and fame (36:47)


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