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Episode 12- Chipper Jones on What Baseball Taught Me About Failure

Atlanta Braves Chipper Jones

During his 19-year career with the Atlanta Braves, Chipper Jones was a World Series Champion, 1999 National League MVP and 8x All-Star. But baseball also forced him to fail time and time again, and in that he found his most valuable lessons. On this episode, the former #1 pick and future Hall of Famer discusses the highs and lows of being a professional athlete, opens up about his personal struggles, and talks about the mental toughness and perseverance required to become one of the game’s greatest switch-hitters. His new book, Ballplayer, is in stores now.

Atlanta Braves Chipper Jones

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Show Notes

  • What made the Atlanta Braves teams of the 1990s so special (2:12)
  • What it was like to play for Atlanta Braves manager Bobby Cox (4:37)
  • The Atlanta Braves veterans who mentored him in the clubhouse (7:04)
  • How baseball taught him to recover from failure faster (10:32)
  • The positive self-talk Chipper used when in a slump (12:32)
  • The advice his mother gave him that he remembered every time he stepped to the plate (15:00)
  • The story of how Chipper went hunting the morning of the World Series (18:37)
  • His pre-game routine (21:30)
  • Focusing on baseball while his personal life fell apart (25:20)
  • The decision to retire and the transition (29:30)
  • The best practical jokes from the Braves clubhouse (35:43)
  • The advice Chipper would give his younger self (40:35)

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