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Episode 113- Cleo Wade on Boundaries, Being Present, and The Power of Mantras

April 1, 2021 • Book Club
Cleo Wade

She’s been called “The Millennial Oprah” by New York Magazine and “the poet of her generation” by Time Magazine. Cleo Wade is a community builder, artist, and the author of the bestselling books Heart Talk, Where To Begin, and Heart Talk: The Journal. Her new children’s book, What The Road Said, celebrates the journey we are all on and the questions we ask along the way. Cleo’s work speaks to our collective power to create change. On this episode, we talk about how she built a career on her own terms, knowing your value, and the power of mantras.

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Show Notes

  • Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit at a young age while growing up in New Orleans (2:15)
  • Her move to New York to pursue a career in fashion after high school (5:15)
  • “Sometimes you have to believe in yourself even more than the people who believe in you.” (9:28)
  • Why it’s a mistake to search for a passion or purpose (10:41)
  • Building confidence and realizing your power (15:37)
  • Her decision to put her work on Instagram (19:36)
  • How she thinks about boundaries (22:47)
  • You don’t have to move through the world with your wounds unhealed (31:48)
  • The difference between being “on mission” vs. “on brand” (36:21)
  • Know the value of knowing your value (40:31)
  • How to use mantras in your life (42:55)
  • Mantra for self-forgiveness: “If you are grateful for where you are, you have to respect the road that got you there.” (45:23)
  • Mantra for anxiety: “This feeling is not you. It is something moving through you. It can leave out of the same door it came in.” (46:48)
  • Practical tips for how to stay present and minimize disruptions. (47:59)
  • The difference between self-maintenance and self-care (52:31)
  • The inspiration for her new children’s book, What The Road Said (57:14)
  • Cleo reads a passage from What The Road Said (1:06:04)

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