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Episode 23- Donald Miller on How to Use Story to Clarify Your Brand’s Message

Donald Miller, StoryBrand

Did you know that the average consumer has to hear something 8 times before actually processing the information? StoryBrand CEO Donald Miller helps companies clarify their message and cut through the sea of noise through his proven formula. His simple framework will transform the way you talk about who you are, what you do, and what you offer your customers. On this episode, Don shares insights from his new book Building A StoryBrand, breaking down the 7 elements of storytelling and explaining how you can use each one to effectively communicate your message.

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Show Notes

  • What is StoryBrand? (2:12)
  • How to cut through the clutter (3:58)
  • Clarity is the new creativity (4:37)
  • Why your brand needs to “own a problem.” (4:58)
  • Breaking down 7 elements of the Storybrand framework (9:04)
  • Define what your customer wants and spell it out (12:09)
  • Define your customer’s problem in simple language (14:03)
  • Position yourself as the guide. Never play the hero. (14:38)
  • Create a plan for your customer. (17:27)
  • Clearly call your customer to action. (18:38)
  • Spell out the negative consequences of not doing business with you (19:30)
  • Give people a vision for what their life can look like if they do business with you. (20:37)
  • How do you know you have the right message? (22:17)
  • Examples of brands that use the story framework effectively (26:15)
  • Does your brand pass the “grunt” test for websites? (29:13)

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