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Episode 203- How Your Losses Make You Better with Entrepreneur Derrick Hayes

July 2, 2024 •

Derrick Hayes is the visionary behind Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks and his story is one of grit and entrepreneurial hustle. After relocating from Philadelphia, Derrick opened his first restaurant in a tiny gas station in Dunwoody, Georgia. His journey took an unexpected turn when a chance encounter with Grammy Award-winning artist Eve propelled his business into the spotlight. Today, the restaurant chain named after Derrick’s father has expanded to multiple locations and is rapidly growing through franchising. A self-made entrepreneur, Derrick has been featured in Essence, People, and Good Morning America and was named to the Forbes Next 1000 List. On this episode, we talk about overcoming challenges, never giving up and lifting others as you pursue your dreams. It’s a powerful testament to how resilience and persistence can transform any vision into reality.

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Show Notes

  • How Derrick’s grandfather introduced him to cooking at an early age (1:52)
  • The wakeup call that inspired Derrick to change his life (4:44)
  • The challenge Derrick’s father gave him before he passed away (8:01)
  • How Derrick started his business out of a Shell gas station and hustled his way to success (11:11)
  • The moment Grammy-award winning rapper Eve changed his life and how Derrick turned that moment into momentum (13:22)
  • Embrace your imperfections and your losses because that’s how you ultimately win (13:55)
  • How the desire to make his father proud still drives him today (15:01)
  • Don’t wait to get to the top to bring someone with you (18:31)
  • When you grow, you have to let go. (22:43)
  • Why Derrick talks to his Dad when he needs an answer to a tough question (23:51)
  • When you have clarity on your vision, you have a filter for your decisions (25:45)
  • How he met his wife, fellow entrepreneur Pinky Cole and how they support each other’s dreams (28:43)
  • How Derrick has leveraged opportunities and is scaling through the franchising model (31:13)
  • Give your team members the opportunity to grow (34:32)
  • The Comcast Rise program (37:25)
  • Life is not a track meet; it’s a marathon. It’s all about how you run your race. (40:15)

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