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Episode 2 – Isaac Lidsky on Mastering Your Reality

March 9, 2017 • Book Club
Isaac Lidsky

What can losing your sight teach you about vision? With a TED Talk that’s been viewed over 2 million times and a new book, Eyes Wide Open, Isaac Lidsky shows us why it isn’t external circumstances, but how we perceive and respond to them, that governs our reality.

Isaac Lidsky

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Show Notes

  • Isaac’s eclectic bio: childhood actor; Harvard graduate; U.S. Supreme Court clerk; speaker; author; CEO (1:45)
  • How progressively losing his sight changed his perception of reality (3:55)
  • An inside look at his book, Eyes Wide Open (6:09)
  • Shifting from anger and “why me” to positivity (7:43)
  • How fear keeps us on the sideline (9:18)
  • From childhood actor to graduating Harvard at age 19 (13:51)
  • His Hollywood experience as “Weasel” on Saved By the Bell (15:08)
  • How his blindness makes him a better leader (18:00)
  • Welcoming triplets and the joy of fatherhood (21:34)
  • The progress scientists have made towards restoring sight (22:47)
  • What’s next for him (25:42)

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