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Episode 8- Jessie Graff on Superheroes, Ninja Warriors and Facing Fear

Jessie Graff- American Ninja Warrior

Hollywood stuntwoman and American Ninja Warrior competitor Jessie Graff is living out her dream of being a superhero. Her day-to-day activities include: “anything on rooftops, sides of buildings or bridges, and dramatic wipeouts.” In this episode, Jessie talks about breaking down gender barriers, chasing Hollywood dreams, her training regimen, and how to stare down fear.

Jessie Graff- American Ninja Warrior

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Show Notes

  • Advice for women working in male-dominated fields (4:05)
  • How she decided to become a Hollywood stunt woman (6:02)
  • Learning to appreciate the process (8:40)
  • How she overcomes fear (12:07)
  • The American Ninja Warrior experience (16:13)
  • The hardest part of American Ninja Warrior (19:17)
  • How she approaches training for competition (22:17)
  • How rehabbing from an injury led her to pursue Ninja Warrior (25:20)
  • The goal behind the Wolfpack Ninja Tour (32:40)
  • Her training regimen focuses on maximum effort (35:56)
  • Pushing through the possibility of failure (38:53)
  • Thinking she can’t do something isn’t damaging unless it stops her from trying (40:26)

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