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Episode 34- Jimmie Johnson on How to Sustain Success: Lessons from a NASCAR Champ

March 22, 2018 • Athletes & Coaches
Jimmie Johnson NASCAR

When you see No. 48 ripping around the track with Jimmie Johnson behind the wheel, chances are he’s headed for Victory Lane. A seven-time NASCAR Cup Series Champion, Jimmie shares the all-time record with racing legends Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt and is one of the most accomplished professional athletes in sports today. Forbes named him The Most Influential Athlete and ESPN Magazine recently named him No. 4 on their Dominant 20, highlighting the most dominant 20 athletes of the last two decades. On this episode, Jimmie takes us behind the wheel to tell the story of how a kid from California shook up the racing world. We talk about the keys to his sustained success, the team behind him, and what fuels him on his drive for a record-shattering 8th title.

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Show Notes

  • The keys to Jimmie Johnson’s consistent success in NASCAR (1:46)
  • How a NASCAR team is structured (2:51)
  • How he’s assumed a leadership role with his younger teammates (4:20)
  • The biggest influence on his racing career (5:18)
  • How Jeff Gordon served as a mentor early in his career (5:43)
  • The story of how he got discovered (6:55)
  • On competing for a record 8th NASCAR title (9:58)
  • What he’s learned from failure (11:40)
  • How he recovers from adversity (13:16)
  • On fitness as a competitive advantage (14:14)
  • How he has evolved as a driver over the years (17:00)
  • Work-life balance (18:00)
  • The lessons his kids have learned from watching him compete (21:10)
  • What it’s like behind the wheel on race day (22:30)
  • Taking on a mentorship role on the Hendricks team (24:15)
  • The Jimmie Johnson Foundation (25:47)

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