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Episode 56- Jon Dorenbos on Life is Magic- A Story of Resilience, Faith and Forgiveness

January 23, 2019 • Athletes & Coaches
Jon Dorenbos

From the NFL football field to the stage of America’s Got Talent, Jon Dorenbos has captured the hearts of fans with his incredible story of perseverance. After the tragic murder of his mother by his father when Jon was 12, magic and football became his two outlets. He went on to play 14 seasons in the NFL- the majority with the Philadelphia Eagles- before a life-threatening heart condition ended his career. Jon also made it to the finals of the TV show America’s Got Talent, showcasing his skills as a magician. He is a regular on The Ellen Show and his book, Life is Magic, will be available in late 2019. On this episode, we talk about the trade that saved his life, embracing change, and showing up with a positive outlook no matter the circumstances.

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Show Notes

  • The family tragedy that changed Jon’s life (1:54)
  • The power of forgiveness (3:21)
  • How magic became Jon’s escape (4:29)
  • The balance that football and magic provided in his life (7:28)
  • Performance under pressure (8:55)
  • Why his goal in the NFL was to be the oldest player on the team (12:53)
  • The best advice he received as a football player (18:38)
  • How he learned to accept change (19:25)
  • The coach that had the greatest impact on him (21:34)
  • The trade to the New Orleans Saints that saved Jon’s life (22:45)
  • Choosing to see the positive and changing your narrative (25:34)
  • Undergoing heart surgery (29:44)
  • Andy Reid’s words that inspired Jon (30:53)
  • What the recovery from heart surgery was like (32:02)
  • Getting a Super Bowl ring from the Philadelphia Eagles (36:29)
  • The similarities between performing as an athlete and as a magician (40:31)
  • Jon’s appearances on The Ellen Show(42:39)
  • How Jon’s show was inspired by Carrot Top, Garth Brooks and Mike Tyson (47:28)
  • Jon’s book, Life Is Magic- coming soon(53:15)

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