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Episode 120- Katty Kay on How To Build Your Confidence

July 8, 2021 • Book Club
Katty Kay, The Confidence Code

Confidence. We all want it. We all need it. But how do we build it? Katty Kay is the author of The Confidence Code and The Confidence Code for Girls, and has spent years researching and studying the science of confidence. On this episode, we look at how a lack of confidence—particularly for women in the workplace– impacts our leadership, success and fulfillment. In our conversation, Katty shares the magic formula for confidence: act more, think less and be authentic.

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Show Notes

  • Katty Kay’s professional background (1:42)
  • What inspired The Confidence Code (3:22)
  • The definition of confidence (5:27)
  • The surprising research around confidence (8:36)
  • How much of confidence is genetic? (11:02)
  • Her relationship with confidence (13:06)
  • Confidence in women in the workplace (15:13)
  • The confidence gap for girls (17:46)
  • Normalize failure. “Do it afraid.” (20:10)
  • The double bind women face in the workplace (24:45)
  • The magic formula for confidence: act more, think less, be authentic (27:03)
  • Strategies to stop negative automatic thoughts (28:21)
  • The power of team sports for building confidence in girls (32:55)
  • The role confidence plays in negotiation (34:09)
  • How social media affects confidence in young women (35:31)

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