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Episode 71- Kim Scott on How To Be a Better Boss with Radical Candor

August 22, 2019 • Book Club
Kim Scott

Every leader has to know how to get, give and encourage feedback at work. Former Google and Apple executive Kim Scott’s book, Radical Candor: Be a Kick Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanityis a New York Times bestseller and inspired a management revolution. Radical candor is a simple idea: to be a good boss, you have to care personally and challenge directly. On this episode, we talk about how to create a culture of feedback, build a great team, and get results. This simple framework will guide every conversation you have and help you build better relationships.

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Show Notes

  • Radical Candor = Care Personally + Challenge Directly (1:46)
  • The three responsibilities of a boss: create a culture of feedback; build a great team; get results (2:58)
  • The difference between caring personally and getting personal (3:43)
  • The four quadrants: radical candor, obnoxious aggression, manipulative insincerity, and ruinous empathy (6:53)
  • The difference between the culture at Google and Apple (11:00)
  • The guidance Sheryl Sandberg gave Kim that illustrates radical candor (15:30)
  • The four steps to solicit feedback (27:01)
  • How to handle feedback that you disagree with (33:12)
  • Why the best feedback is usually impromptu and immediate (34:46)
  • How leaders can create trust in moments of guidance (37:55)
  • The difference between rockstar and superstar mode and why we undervalue rockstars (40:06)
  • The difference between talent management and growth management and the problem with labeling people as low or high potential (42:05)
  • Tips to start implementing radical candor (47:50)


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