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Episode 177- Lo Bosworth from Reality TV to Successful Founder

August 31, 2023 • Entrepreneurship
Lo Bosworth, founder of Love Wellness

You might recognize Lo Bosworth from the hit reality TV series Laguna Beach and The Hills. More than a decade later, Lo is making her mark as the founder of Love Wellness, a women’s total-body care brand that offers a range of supplements, multivitamins and personal care products and is found in stores like Target, Walmart and Ulta. Since launching the company in 2016, Lo has sought to change the narrative around self-care culture and empower women in their wellness journeys. On this episode, we talk about turning challenges into opportunities, how to pivot your career, and write your own story.

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Show Notes

  • How Lo’s health struggles inspired her to start Love Wellness (1:27)
  • How Love Wellness carved out space in the market by taking a different approach than legacy brands (4:36)
  • The start of Lo’s entrepreneurial journey (7:04)
  • How she grew Love Wellness from a company she founded in her living room to a massively successful brand (9:49)
  • Embracing her entrepreneurial journey, including operating it on her own for the first two years (14:37)
  • The challenges Lo had to overcome when she launched Love Wellness (17:13)
  • Changing the stigma around conversations about women’s health (19:18)
  • The good and bad of being on reality TV at a young age (20:32)
  • Lo’s motivation to reclaim her narrative (23:47)
  • Why Lo never desired to be just an influencer or reality TV personality (24:39)
  • The transition from reality TV and pivoting her career (28:01)
  • What she learned from her first failed business idea (30:58)
  • Leading the rapid growth of Love Wellness (33:11)
  • Why retailers are looking to founder-led brands with an existing audience (37:33)
  • What’s next for Love Wellness? (39:18)

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