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Episode 9- Mike Feinberg on Purpose-Driven Leadership

April 27, 2017 • Entrepreneurship
KIPP Co-Founder Mike Feinberg

Work hard. Be nice. Those simple words are at the core of KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program), a national network of college-prep public charter schools in underserved communities. On this episode, co-founder Mike Feinberg shares the vision behind KIPP, how to infuse purpose into leadership, and how grit can be cultivated in kids.

KIPP Co-Founder Mike Feinberg

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Show Notes

  • How KIPP scaled from a local idea to a national program (5:07)
  • The role purpose plays in Mike’s life and at KIPP (6:30)
  • Learning from his failures (8:00)
  • How your child can attend a KIPP school (10:30)
  • The American dream is a parent dream (11:50)
  • Behind KIPP’s slogan “Work Hard. Be Nice.” (14:28)
  • His leadership philosophy (15:13)
  • What character strengths they teach their students (16:32)
  • True grit is when you’re faced with challenges and you persist (18:46)
  • Why you need both academics and character to succeed (22:44)
  • What life lessons you can learn on the sports field (25:31)
  • How we close the character gap in today’s win-it-all mindset (27:25)
  • Most memorable career moment so far (29:20)

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