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Episode 4- Monique Mosley on Being Your Own Boss

March 23, 2017 • Entrepreneurship
Monique Mosley

An entrepreneur, angel investor and philanthropist, Monique Mosley has helped guide the careers of visionaries in the music and entertainment industries and has worked as a consultant on the hit TV show Empire. On this episode, Monique talks about the making of a hit TV show, what it takes to build your own brand, and why as leaders we can—and should—always pay it forward.

Monique Mosley

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Show Notes

  • What inspired her entrepreneurial spirit at a young age (2:16)
  • How she bridged the gap between the music & entertainment industry and corporate clients (3:52)
  • How Empire became a hit TV show (6:05)
  • The people who influenced her career (7:30)
  • How to structure a mentor relationship (9:02)
  • Her advice to young entrepreneurs (11:20)
  • When she knows she wants to invest in an early stage startup (12:58)
  • Her greatest personal and professional accomplishments (16:09)
  • Some of the “firsts” she’s accomplished in her career (16:43)
  • The charitable organizations she’s involved with and why (18:26)
  • Behind the scenes of Empire (20:37)
  • Find out more about her foundation, Always Believing Foundation (23:42)
  • The best advice she’s ever received (26:16)

Resources / People Mentioned

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