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Episode 134- Rebecca Minkoff on Break the Rules and Re-Write Your Life

What’s the #1 blocker to achieving your biggest goals and dreams? Fear. Rebecca Minkoff is a fashion designer and wildly successful entrepreneur. An industry leader in accessible luxury handbags and apparel, her designs are inspired by strong, confident women. In her new book, Fearless, Rebecca re-writes the rules to share her secrets for unlocking creativity, courage, and success. In our conversation, Rebecca guides us how to let go of others’ expectations, overcome the fear of failure, and reach your goals—no matter how unattainable they may seem.


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Show Notes

  • Where her drive comes from (1:52)
  • How she broke into the fashion industry by embracing being an outsider (3:27)
  • How she built her network starting out (4:36)
  • Stop seeking approval from people who don’t matter (5:21)
  • How do you filter feedback? (6:43)
  • How to thrive inside of a competitive environment (9:03)
  • Work can be self-care too (10:26)
  • Put humanity back in your work day (13:41)
  • What is the ROI on where you are investing your time and energy? (15:15)
  • Forget about balance and optimize your life for you (18:17)
  • Why she started The Female Founder Collective (22:02)
  • What she loves most about her podcast, Superwomen with Rebecca Minkoff (24:26)
  • What she’s learned about negotiating throughout her career (25:44)
  • Why women need to have transparent conversations about money (27:08)
  • How she pivoted the company during COVID to survive (28:59)
  • Get friendly with failure (31:49)


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