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Episode 98- Sam Acho on How to be Real in a World Full of Fakes

September 3, 2020 • Athletes & Coaches
Sam Acho

What if you stopped pretending and started getting real? Most of us hide. We play small and don’t live up to our full potential. We’re afraid we aren’t enough… or maybe we’re too much. NFL player, humanitarian and podcaster Sam Acho has been there. In his new book, Let The World See You, Sam encourages us all to discover our true selves and share our gifts with the world. We talk about the importance of not attaching your identity to your career, the highs and lows of being a professional athlete, and how his life changed when he stopped hiding and started living.

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Show Notes

  • What inspired Sam to write this book (3:00)
  • Stop hiding and start sharing your gifts with the world (7:03)
  • How going to counseling changed Sam’s perspective (9:00)
  • How Sam’s childhood and the intersection of cultures (Nigerian family, black church, white school) shaped who he is today (11:47)
  • The problem with attaching your identity to your performance (13:35)
  • How Sam unexpectedly got discovered and began his football journey (14:10)
  • The benefits of having the courage to be seen (17:20)
  • What an NFL locker room is really like (19:43)
  • What Sam has learned from the highs and lows of nine seasons in the NFL (21:24)
  • Don’t put your identity in something that doesn’t put its identity in you (22:50)
  • Why athletes are speaking out and embracing their platform (25:47)
  • Sam’s legacy off the field through his community impact (27:22)
  • Sam’s advice for anyone who is struggling to figure out who they are (28:58)
  • The three things that happen when you let the world see you (29:54) 

Resources / People Mentioned

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